Rudolph with Your Nose so Bright, What Do my Fave Holiday Movies Say to Wear Tonight?

Is it possible that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer could shed some light (pun intended) on our style? I mean, it’s been said that you are what you eat, which got us thinking: maybe we are what we watch. When it comes to holiday movies, might there be a correlation between oh, I don’t know. . .A Christmas Story and heel condoms? Hmmm.

We took a peek at a few of our most memorable holiday movies and had fun finding out how some story lines are like our personal clothing lines. Who knows, maybe you’ll recognize yourself in some of our faves!

Outfit Ideas Inspired by Holiday Movies

A Christmas Story: Uniquely You

A Christmas Story

When I have my heart set on something, nothing else in the world can undo the desire. When it’s a scarf I want, it’s a scarf I’ll get.  Unless it has some contraption that’ll “shoot your eyes out,” I’m gonna wear that coveted piece no matter what anyone says.   And the more unique that special something is, the more I have to have it.  See that envelope?  Push it.



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