When we were young, it was a big thrill to try on Mom’s blush or wear eyeliner to school.  Remember how we couldn’t wait to slather makeup on every crevice of our face?  Of course, that was when our skin was practically flawless and being heavy-handed was OK.  We looked good.  We looked.. older (because we wanted to, intentionally).

Sigh.  How times change.  Now that we’re older, the prematurely mature look isn’t what we’re going for anymore.

So, how can we still wear makeup, but in a way that flatters our changing (OK, I’ll say it: aging) skin?  I caught up with 48-year-old Ford model and author of “Face This: Real Advice from Real Models, Photographers and Makeup Artists on How to Become Picture-Perfect“ for some helpful tips in the “less is more” makeup department.  Shelley Goodstein is also represented by Silver Model Agency Paris, France which works with models over 40.   Who better to provide makeup advice for us older gals?

“As we age, our first instinct is to add more products to cover up,” Goodstein says.  “But really, you want to think of thin layers with the right products.”

Shelley Goodstein Is Our Makeup Aging Us? The Less is More Makeup Approach to Looking Lovely as we Age

48-year-old model and author Shelley Goodstein shares some makeup tips for us older gals.

So what are those right products?  From primers (Goodstein says “they can be our new best friend when it comes to looking younger”) to a more flattering lipstick shade (it’s in the slideshow – we’ll keep everyone in suspense), we put together some finds that work with older skin.  The following slideshow elaborates on a couple more of Goodstein’s tips and also includes some of my makeup suggestions/advice.  Read on, lovely ladies!

Makeup that Will Keep us Looking Lovely as we Age!

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Neutrogena Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector SPF 25 (Fair), $11.99 from Target
Dark circles? What dark circles? I'm a fan of this one.

What makeup tips will you try?  Better yet, share with us what has worked well for you–we’d love to hear!