Best Sunblock: 4 Smart Sunscreens You Need Now

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By now, we’ve all wised up enough to know everyday sunscreen is a beauty essential. Being healthy is the new being bronze and we’re acutely aware now that that doesn’t just mean in the summer. Protecting your skin year ’round is the best way to guarantee it’s glowing in the right way — that is, preserving it while combating the risk of serious trouble down the road.

Now’s the time to thank the beach gods — and some serious scientific advancements — that you’re no longer limited to classic zinc on the nose or even the streaky white lotion counterparts that came shortly after. Today’s “best sunblock” isn’t just one product. It comes in all forms and functions, so incorporating sun protection into your regular routine is easy, and even exciting. From the paranoid to the picky, there’s a face, body, and even hair solution to keep the sun’s warm rays from taking their toll on everyone who sets foot outdoors.

bottle of hair product

Aveda Sun Care Protective Veil

1. For Your Locks: Mist your tresses to avoid fading color, sun damage and dry strands — this simple spray from Aveda protects against the heat for up to 16 hours.

brush on sunscreen product

Brush on Block

2. For Your Complexion: For ladies who don’t have sunscreen in their moisturizer and foundation, or for those who like to easily reapply, brush on powder blocks are an utterly effortless way to protect the face and can keep your part from being burnt too!

container of sunscreen

Australian Gold 45 SPF Sheer Coverage with Self Tanner