7 Super Cute Dresses Under $30 From Modcloth

The Deal: Check out ModCloth’s Super Sale– dresses, accessories, and more on sale, plus free shipping for orders over $75.

The Lowdown: Okay, our love of Modcloth is well documented. We *heart* their collection of super stylish dresses and we’re totally head over heels with the price (under $30 bucks? Works for Us). We choose a few of our favorite dresses from their super sale section. Check them out!

Shop:The Super Sale at ModCloth.com

Our Picks:

Modcloth dresses

1. Candy Couture Dress, $24.99
2. Funny Honey Dress, $29.99
3. Wildest Dreams Dress, $29.99

Modcloth dresses

4. License to Frill Dress, $29.99
5. Earn Your Stripes Dress, $24.99
6. Tide Me Over Dress, $25.99
7. Peek-a-Dots Dress, $28.99

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  1. Me says

    Every one of these, except the seventh is atrocious! I wouldn’t spend anywhere near $30.00 for these. I like ModCloth despite their overpriced clothing and way too short dresses, but these are honestly ugly. Come on, the third one is hideous… animal print, v-neck, dress for $30.00? You’ve got to be kidding me.

    • TBF says

      Under $30 is overpriced? We shop at Salvation Army several times a week and used dresses cost $9.99 (not happy they’ve raised the price). The average dress at Target is $29.99 and Walmart is at least $19.99. Seriously.. If you’ve got a scoop on a store that consistently sells quality dresses like Modcloth for under $20.. girl you better share!

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