Spring is fast approaching, and you studious fashionistas are ready for it. You’ve memorized the season’s top trends, you’ve found the perfect cropped pants and you’ve stocked your well-organized closet with a few gorgeous spring dresses . Now, let’s up the ante with some great summer scarves.

Awesome Summer Scarves Under $20

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Mark Print Condition Scarf

Mark Print Condition Scarf, $10, Avon

For the record, we’re not talking about the ones you wrapped around your neck all winter as if your life depended on it. Those can take a summer vacation. Summer scarves are lightweight– usually silk, cotton or rayon– and their sole purpose is to add some oomph to your spring look. Because we love to make your life easier, we’ve taken the initiative to find twenty of them for you in bright colors, florals, tie-dye and fun prints, all under $20. With the time you’ll save shopping, you can devote yourself to learning all the fun ways to tie them!