Does Bluefly Sell Fakes? The Fake Debate

(Editor’s note: This post about Bluefly fakes was updated 08/17 to include more sources and Bluefly’s statement on authenticity.) The fake debate continues and apparently our friends over at the internet’s number one designer outlet, Bluefly, is caught up in the middle. There’s been quite a bit of chatter on the net regarding Bluefly’s selling of fake handbags, namely Balenciaga and possibly fake Tommy Hilfiger (really, why in the world would anyone need to sell fake Tommy handbags when you can get them for $19.99 at TJ Maxx).

Balenciaga bag
Balenciaga bag, Bluefly

Check out the chatter for yourself:

Now, I’ve bought things from Bluefly before and all the things I’ve purchased have been real. However, where there’s smoke, there’s usually a little simmer of fire. I emailed Bluefly to give them the opportunity to respond and here’s their response:

Yep, nothing.

But, at some point, Bluefly did publish a statement about authenticity on its website. You can find it here.

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  9. don't buy fake if you can't afford real
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