Our Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus

If you still get your makeover advice from a counter or salon, you’re basically living under a rock. You’re missing out on some serious tips, tricks and real-girl advice that could pull you from the beauty Stone Age into the 21st century, where products and techniques are tried for you, then reported back with honest (and not to mention fabulous) opinions. These leading ladies of the beauty vlogosphere may have gotten their start on YouTube, but they’re prepped, primped and pumped for beauty domination. Here are the top YouTube beauty gurus you need to be watching.

The Must-Watch Beauty Gurus on YouTube

Michelle Phan

Why She’s Big: Michelle has a way of making her tutorials look effortless, because the techniques she uses actually are! For once, a lady who doesn’t complicate things. S he was the first woman to reach 1 million subscribers on YouTube and has since worked with Lancome, Seventeen and Vogue.

Why We Love Her: You can tell right away that Michelle is at the top of her game, with professional and artistic (she’s also a painter!) quality in her videos. While we’d definitely consider her a beauty vlogger, we love that she’s quite the fashionista as well, throwing in helpful styling tips to accessorize her beauty looks.


Melissa is creative communication professional with 9+ years of experience writing for the beauty and fashion industries.