Fashion Advice: Where to Find White Cotton Shirts

Dear Budget Fashionista: I have searched long and hard for a white t-shirt made of fabric that isn’t so sheer you can see skin through it. I love the white-shirt-and-jeans look, but the white shirt part of the equation is always the problem.

Answer: For years I swore by Old Navy’s Perfect Fit Tees, which were made of thick cotton, until the powers that be decided to make the shirts out of a thinner cotton. Now, I’m a big fan of the Merona tees at Target and the Faded Glory Tees at Walmart. Both are priced under $10 a pop. I also like the tees at H&M although they tend to not wash as well as the tees from the other two stores.

White T-shirt by Merona from Target
Women’s Relaxed Scoop T-Shirt – Merona, $5.60 (clearance price), Target
white t-shirt from H&M
Slub Jersey T-Shirt, $9.99, H&M

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