Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in… Uggs?!

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What: UggAustralia offers a “cozier” alternative to heels: The UGG I Do Wedding Shoe Colection, priced from $80 to $225.

What They Say: From UGG Australia

Add some sparkle to your day. Say “I Do” with cozy UGG® wedding shoes

What We Say: There are certain situations in life that we can neither say ‘yes’ nor ‘no’ to. Sometimes, the only thing we can really say is, “God, why??!”

This is one of those situations.

Uggs, even cheap Uggs are NOT made to be paired with formal clothes, most especially your wedding gown. Plus, we’re not sure how making ugg boots white with the occasional bling and shimmer justify its presentation as a bridal footwear option. We think it’ll work on pre-wedding preparations (because if walking on warm, fluffy clouds that is ugg does not soothe the bride jitters, nothing will), but if the collection is proposing for these boots to be worn on the actual ceremony, that’s an altogether different story.

In a nutshell, unless you’re planning a winter wonderland-themed wedding, we suggest you leave those uggs at home. No, seriously, please do.

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  • Kj2772

    I am getting married in January in the Northeast, and no way will I wear uggs down the aisle, but, I am looking for a cheaper White Ugg “wannabe” to wear to and from the venue, as there is snow on the ground. 

  • Emily

    I don’t think they really mean you should wear it for your wedding— my guess is that it’s just the theme of the collection. (Add I want those slippers!)