Simply Vera by Vera Wang to Debut at Kohls this September

It’s finally official. According to WWD, The Simply Vera by Vera Wang collection will debut this fall at a Kohl’s Department Store nearest you.

Simply Vera by Vera Wang Kohls

The collection will feature apparel, accessories, home furnishings, and even eyeglasses in the $20-$200 price range and sizes 2-16. Expect liberal usage of jersey, tulle, and other signature Vera Wang touches.  The collection looks interesting, with somewhat edgy fashion at affordable prices, but a bit trend forward for the typical Kohls shopper. Not as great of a merchandising shift as say Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten Line, but a big difference nonetheless.
What will be interesting to see is if the line can help Kohls continue to pull customers from their chief competitor, Target, whose sales has been less than stellar this spring.
Read past posts about the Simply Vera by Vera Wang line at Kohl’s, here.

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    Catherine Brock

    As a Southern California transplant now living in the Midwest, Catherine has turned layering into an art form and accepted that UGGs actually do have a place in the stylish lady's wardrobe. She's been featured in Woman's World Magazine,, Refinery29, and has made appearances on ABC7 Chicago, FOX2News St. Louis, KCAL9 Los Angeles, Fox19 Cincinnati, WGN TV Chicago and WCPO TV Cincinnati.

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    Based on these pictures, the clothes look very “vera wang.” This looks similar to her ready to wear collection which features a lot of layered looks, which apparently vera herself wears. I’ll be interested to check it out.

    Very urban, very cool. I love that shade of gray for fall!

    i love it! i can’t wait until this debuts!

    I’m anxious to check this out in person! I really like those two purses in the pictures.

    I know this seems like an odd confession, but I’m almost as sick of high-end designers making lines for lower priced markets. (What is the technical name for doing that?)It’s almost like the whole celebrity clothing line trend. I don’t think most designers are doing it because they have a higher calling to clothe the masses. It’s just a self-marketing ploy and a way to make more money for themselves. Call me when Gucci makes a line for Kmart.

    Very interesting!  Very smart on her part … her customer base just increased by billions just by entering the mid-tier market.  I will of course need to take a peek, even though I hate Kohl’s, just because I will need to see it to believe it.

    Much better than I had expected (after seeing Target’s designer lines, I wasn’t hoping for much. I felt the same way, previous poster, Rocki White does about high-end designers in low-end markets).  But I will be going to Kohls to check out her new line this fall as well as Patricia Field Payless shoes this winter.

    OMG, the clothes look amazing. If I don’t get that purse with the green and the navy (?) I will die. According to what I’ve been reading, the quality on these items is high. Good. It’s about the time the fashion world realized the contemporary and designer markets are out of touch.

    looks good.  shall await.

    Yikes! What’s with mixing of winter and spring. Honestly – these outfits perturb us quite a bit. They combines frightening accessories with a really cute pair of shoes and moderately attractive dresses. However, we do enjoy the pale skin on black clothing though, so that’s a plus.


    Now I might actually have a reason (& the desire) to step foot into a Kohl’s… but I may have to wait until Xmas… I’ll be at college in the fall.

    btw… i’m surprised Target didn’t manage to scoop up Vera first.

    I CAN’T WAIT!  I’ve been drooling over her designs for years.  Finally I will be able to own some of them!!!!!!!

    i actually dread Kohl’s. its an invader to Mervyn’s territory and really has nothing over Sears.  but now i am suddenly excited and can’t wait to see what shows up on the racks. hmmm! delicious!!

    I am a Graphic Designer for Kohl’s, but I will definitely not use this to plug Simply Vera, as I respect this blog way too much for that. I will say that the line has been very inspired by Vera’s fall RTW, and that the concept was not “dumbed down” for the mass public at all.

    We are currently putting together the lookbook, and you can expect that out soon.

    The blog is fantastic, keep it up!

    Can’t wait… good back to school shopping.

    Im So excided for the new clothes!!! Good for back to school too!!!

    I’ll most likely peruse the collection once it hits the stores out of curiosity since I’m not very familiar with VW’s stuff.  However, I’m a bit tired of high end designers reaching out to the masses with lower priced items.  I believe it’s a marketing ploy to find a niche for their main collection.  I’ll admit – I’m a sucker for the GO lines but have been very selective in what I buy.  Even though the prices are much cheaper than their high end stuff, the GO quality is often poor and doesn’t hold up to washes or wear.  Items of identical sizes vary depending on where they’re made.  They never fit the same even after the first wash.  You have to have a very discriminant eye for the pieces that you buy and treat them as bargain items that you won’t feel bad disposing with ease.  I basically treat it almost the same as shopping at TJ Maxx or Marshalls where you have to inspect each piece with a discerning eye.  Frankly, I think these stores carry much better stuff anyway. 

    I definitely will be checking out the Alice Temperley line at Target – her dresses are superb.

    This collection is super rad and it’s about time that high fashionistas are not only creating amazing clothing, but also being wallet conscious as well (Sarah Jessica Parker with Bitten/ Gwen Stefani with Harajuku Lovers). I can’t wait to see the entire Simply Vera line.

    Well, I work at Kohl’s and I have seen first hand the Vera Wang line because its sitting on our dock until September 4th.  I’m a little disappointed to be honest, the quality is less then I would expect from someone like Vera Wang…its also quite expensive!  Guess we won’t really know til its out on the floor and people either buy it or don’t.

    I just checked this out last night at the Kohls @ Newport Mall Jersey City. I was so disappointed! The clothes are awful quality – the material feels really cheap on the clothes, the shoes and the handbags. Style wise – some items are O.K. (the black cocktail dress is cute) but some items are too outlandish for the general public. Who wears a knee length coat w. above the elbow sleeves??? For the price I could get something more stylish and better quality at a designer discount store like Century 21.

    OK I just shopped the collection and here is the scoop!  The intimate apparel is truly delightful! The colors and fabrics are very nice and upscale.  I purchased 2 of her unlined no wire bras and they feel super soft just as nice as Vicky Secret.  Her leather accessories are ok, with the exception of her leather gloves.  They are just as nice as you would find at Harold?s, super soft leather.  The handbags are a mixed review.  All are made in China, so you have to accept a level of shoddy craftsmanship.  2 of her brown leather bags are really nice, could see myself buying it at Bloomingdales, no problem.  Toss the rest of the handbag line in the trash.  I am tired of the discount stores carrying the gaudy yellow gold accents on a black bag.  The o rings on her bags seem to be plastic.  If I am going to pay $100.00 on a bag at lease put metal on it.  The monogrammed SVW (I think) on the bags is a nice touch even if the monogrammed bag is on its way out.  Fabric is very nice, the accents are blinding me! 

    I like the coats, a little too dressy with the satin one, but nice fabric and very nice craftsmanship, albeit the price was $128.00 not too outside of the price point that Kohl?s has, but not what the everyday woman would buy to wear to work.  I did notice that every jersey shirt was completely transparent.  If you want coverage, wear 3 of the shirts.  I could see the jewelry counter lady through them.  So I passed them over and purchased a cardigan top, the material feels like cashmere, I think it is acrylic.  Her cropped jacket, denim jeans, leggings (which has a leg zipper) was not on the floor, neither was her empire waist dress, but one was on a mannequin and looks very cute well made and fun.  I was told that merchandise is being reserved for a huge sale for the kick off of the line.  This is set for September 12.  This came from the sales gal so it could be later or earlier. 

    I loved the empire shirts and the pleated skirts, well made and well priced.  I wish I had gotten them.  The sizing is perfect on everything, from 2 to 16.  Vera did not leave out the bigger girls on this.  I did not see the bedding out yet, so on my next trip I will have to seek it out.  I would like to see improvement in the areas of the handbags, and the accessories (jewelry really does not have to be that big).  The taffeta bubble skirt is there and I am so not willing to throw down 90 bucks for it.  Hideous is an understatement.  This is a what was she thinking item.  Throw it out with the bags.

    i work at kohls in a suburb of chicago,il the big anniversary sale sept 13 will have simply vera 30%off.  i do merchandising in the jewlery dept.  18k over sterling and sterling. several shoes are great, several pieces on rtw great, bedding is fantastic, and towels too.  i am however amazed at the way that the customers have been throwing the items around, shoes already left on the floor, dresses in the f.r. on the floor, i am hoping that this will bring a more respectful clientele into the store. first day out, 1/2 hour after opening a cust dropped 600.00 on the sv.  it will do well in this area, just be respectful of the merch, please

    I purchaced a vera wang coat yesterday. I didn’t know until I got home that the seem was out on one side of the coat and it had a snag on the back. I took it back to the store and over 5 coats in my size were having to be returned to vera wang. The clothes style is very pretty but the coats were not made very well.

    Very disappointed with the collection.  The sizes are way too big (size 8 was the smallest size in stock), the styles are nothing special with the exception of a couple of dresses and coats and prices are high given the cut and quality.  The denim jeans were a joke: it was very unflattering and the material felt like it was gonna fall apart before it’s first wash.  I can’t wait for Temperley line at Target.

    How TOTALLY disappointing…this will never fit the clientele it was meant for!  It was HUGE for a size 4-6 with a lot of cheap looking material.  Fit will do this entire line in—Vera better step in and see what the hell she has going on with sizes (it would NEVER fit her for example)or she is gonna die on the vine.  There is NO WAY the models are wearing a size small in the all the ads (things must be pinned all over the place).  I was SO psyched about the line but it very over-priced and fit is horrible..did I mention the fit is bad:(

    cheap, cheap, cheap!  I’ve seen better quality purses on the budget tables in Chinatown.  The sizing is vanity at best.  I was really excited about the purple blouse with the ruffled collar- it was huge (the S was more like a M).  The pants and cardigans were cheaply made of a crappy material (think old navy material, but double the price).  Almost everything in a S was sold out.  Sales lady mentioned that someone had bought $500 worth of smalls and returned them later (keep in mind I went on the 9th at 2:00 pm! the collection came out at noon on that very day).  The hats had a cardboard cutout in each that made it impossible to try on.  The gloves were cute, but acrylic and too pricey for what you’re getting (acrylic will stretch out quickly when pulling on and off)- better to go to H&M for a pair).  The color scheme of brown to greyish-blue on the fingerless gloves was reminicent of prada.  The few pieces that were standouts in the ad campaign were dowdy in person- with a very “I’m 9 mos. due” look.  Those bubble skirts were not lined and looked terribly itchy.  (No one over a size 4 should venture into this bubble-skirted territory lest you look like you’re wearing a nylon tire about your hips). 

    End of tyrant.  Bring on the Erin Featherston for Target!

    This was my first shopping trip tp Kohls.  It was a very pleasant experience.  I specifically went to check out the vera wang collection I indulged in several pieces.  I found a sweater that looked just like a designer sweater I purchased at a fine store. Since the tags were on the designer piece(225.00) I will be happy wearing the vera look a like that was 58.00.  OK, the quality is not the same But who cares.  Have fun mixing the pieces with some more expensive pieces and you can get a great original look.  Sarah Jessica Parker wears Balanik shoes with Bitten 20.00
    outfits.  I’ll keep tabs on the vera new pieces.Shoes were great too.


    I tried on quite a few items and liked a lot of them.  I have yet to buy anything, since most of the items seem to dressy for my lifestyle.  Most of the clothes seem well made and worth the price.  A couple of the short-sleeved coats were snagged, and the babydoll sweater would have been nicer in a heavier knit.  There is a dress that I’m interested in, but it’s not available yet.  I want to look at the Alice Temperley line at Target and decide what I really want (and need!).

    Went to Kohl’s today to check out Simply Vera. Overall, it was hit-and-miss, but I would recommend a look to those who don’t want to pay top dollar for clothes. The clothing was eyecatching and of above average quality for Kohl’s (which I usually despise for anything but the most utilitarian items).

    Bought a very cute empire-waist belted top that I thought looked very high-end. Tried on the black 3/4 sleeve cardigan pictured above and thought the small was way too big and baggy (I’m a 6); however, I found some cropped black pants that I felt were quite true to size. Some of the dresses looked great on the hanger but I didn’t have time to try them on. I have to agree with above reviewers that the bubble skirts are…well, left to whomever likes them.

    I have to rave about Vera’s “Simply” hosiery line however. Purchased a pair of her tights and some nude fishnets and I’m thrilled with the quality. Didn’t check out the handbags at all.

    Ckd out the Vera line at Kohls- love the flats that are leopard print brown & black.  Agree with previous comment, some handbags are very cheap looking, others are tasteful & affordable when 30% off with addtl 15% Kohls chg discount.  Love the purple ruffle blouse.  The display showed a gray jersey dress that looked interesting but its not in the store.  Much of it is too dressy & dry clean only.

    I keep vacillating on whether or not I want to buy a piece from the Vera Wang Collection at Kohls. I don’t live near a Kohls, so I’m not sure about the fit and whether or not I would buy the same clothes if I wasn’t longing for a taste of cheap coutour. Anyway…Kohls seems to have Vera on sale already and now I’m deeply suspicious of the quality.

    I like Simply Vera collection. The style is very feminine and has lots detail (more attractive than banana republic’s); but the fabric is OK (more like GAP I would say). I especially like those dresses. However, the size are way too big for me (I usually wear XS or S, but SV size is much bigger). Also, I was told that some dresses only comes with size 4 (no size 2). I wish they can come out with smaller size (XS?) as their size tends big. 

    I’ve never shopped in Kohl’s before. So this is my first time.  I am very surprised at friendly Kohl’s staffs. They are patient and very nice. (They spent 20 mins to check SV dress in different stores for me.). I am very impressive.

    Kohls put everything on sale for 30% off today, plus you get an additional 15% if you use your Kohls card.  I personally am absolutely thrilled with these clothes.  I am 5’ 9”, size 12 and 36D bust. These clothes fit like they were tailor made for me.  They don’t look that amazing on the hangar but when put on, they are fabulous.  I purchased almost the entire line.  The dresses bust run a bit small, the pants and skirts are true to size and some of the tops are oversized.  I think the colors and textures are gorgeous. It looks even better when you layer 2 or 3 items together.  The coats are to die for! The shoes are gorgeous!  Purchased 3 pairs but they were selling out quickly.  The lingerie is fabulous also.  At 45% off, it’s a great deal.  I’ve been to 2 stores and they are sold out of pretty much everything under size 8.  By this weekend Kohls says they anticipate to be pretty picked through because Vera is on Oprah tomorrow with the entire line.

    Kohl’s really pooped the bed with their online offerings of the Simply Vera line.  Given that Ms. Wang is sitting on Miss O’s stage as we speak, prancing audience members out in fabulous outfits, and giving all kinds of praise to Kohls, I would have expected to see a “major” roll out on the website.  Not the case.  For shame, for shame!

    This stuff looks frumpy on curvy bodies.  Give me something structured that shows my curves, please don’t hide them.  Designer or not!

    Just saw Oprah and, was it my imagination or was Oprah “surprised” – and not in a good way – when some of the models strutted out? Oprah made comments about the satin coat and cardigan and for the only healthy looking model with a chest. She looked better than ANY of those anorexic models! Yeah! You can always tell when Oprah likes something and I don’t think she was that impressed. I know the models are the same from the magazine ads but they all looked like they had sunken chests! Their posture was hideous. Give these girls some ballet lessons! They clumped down the runway, stood with their feet pointing inward like awkward schoolgirls, slumped around, and clumped off. I was NOT impressed. These models did not show off the clothes. Now the mother and daughter pairs were great. In fact, some of the mothers looked better than the daughters! I liked the fact they were wearing the same things but were accessorized differently for the age factor. Aside from the satin jacket, I really don’t see myself in ANY of the fashions. The lilac bedding looked really cute but you can always get that at Burlington or K-Mart for less than the $100 mentioned. Nah for me. 🙁

    Just looking at the Oprah show and saw the models on the stage and I immediatley said VERA WANG before I knew it was her… So very Vera! I love the look and would love to see the styles for full firgured women too.

    I just got back from Kohls where I purchased two pairs of Vera Wang pants.  The pants, which are beautiful, are only items I feel are true to size.  I am 5’4, 115 pounds and can’t even come near fitting in a small size. The size small in all of her tops is HUGE!  The price is right for the pants, but unless you are a bigger woman, the dresses and tops will not fit well.

    I am dissapointed,Where is the “new suit skirt”shown on Oprah? Quality is okay for price,just check it before you leave the store.Kohls online seems out of a lot(well all) of stock however the stores are full of merchandise.Whats the problem?

    I am very disappointed with the collection. I was looking forward to buy something however all the clothes were 10 sizes to big. I love the style and the color scheme but I do not understand the idea of mislabeling all the clothing. I am 5

    I’m guessing that they made the line to fit those who normally shop at Kohl’s and the average weight of a shopper there would not be that of someone who is on the very low almost underweight side of the BMI scale. They probably need to be more consistent if someone who is a size 6 can wear one pice and not another but I love that they are finally branching out into sizes for someone who isn’t under an 8.

    I REALLY was pleasantly surprised. The quality of the dresses & tops in the jersey was AMAZING. And yes, they are similar to her high-end collection.  The stuff is not cheap fabrics like the Target GO collection.
    I also have to praise the fit.  I’m a size 12, and the pieces are VERY flattering I feel to the average woman. 
    I would urge all ladies on this thread to check it out.  Especially now that it is 20% off.
    Good value here.  Leave Target Go to teenagers..that is who it is really designed to fit.

    bought several simplyvery pieces today loved thembut i went really for the white bowed front shirt shown on the commercial could not find it checked several different stores hope they send more out

    Simply Vera by Vera Wang to Debut at Kohls this September – via @twitoaster

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