Fashion Update on the Cheap! Amazing Accessories to Revamp Your Style, Fast

Fashion update - woman throwing flashy accessories
Fashion update - woman throwing flashy accessories

The secret to an affordable fashion update? Accessories. Accessories can change the tone of your fashion game like nothing else. A key piece can truly transform an outfit — and you’ve probably used that to your advantage without even thinking about it. Think of the scarf that brightened up the LBD you’ve worn a million times. The belt that made a tired sweater dress look new again. The statement necklace that served as the focal point for that sweater-and-skirt combo you wear all the time.

It’s easy to understand exactly why accessories are so essential. Without them…well, let’s just say we’d probably get bored with the stuff in our closets, fast. The beauty of accessorizing is that you can mix, match, and swap to your heart’s content. Make a simple outfit look bolder with something sexy and sleek, like an animal-print scarf or a sizzling red clutch. Give a casual look some luster by twisting your hair up into a chic knot and popping in some statement earrings.

You aren’t limited in your options, either. Sure, there are the usual suspects — the essential jewelry, the scarves, and the handbags. But you can easily mix it up by selecting some unexpected pieces to bring your looks to life. Here are a few options to incorporate into your wardrobe without going over your budget.

Budget Fashion Update: 5 Accessories We Love

1. Shake up your denim

Adding a necklace to jeans and a tee is an easy way to add a little sparkle to the equation. But you can also bring a hint of sartorial sass to the mix courtesy of this instantly legendary floral kimono from Vince Camuto. Breathtaking in its rich wine hue, this kimono features a dramatic pattern that exhibits a hint of dressiness — just enough to perk up an otherwise down-to-earth outfit.

2. Add some flower power

All you need is a solid pair of tights to take that basic dress into a completely different realm. These floral-back tights from A New Day are particularly striking for the sexy vine detail that accents the back legs. They’ll help you make an unforgettable exit. They’ll also breathe new life into everything from the LBD you wear on repeat to a denim skirt and flats.

3. Try a unique belt

Belts are celebrated for creating definition where none exists, but they should be equally lauded for their ability to make simple outfits look far more interesting.

Case in point: this classic obi belt from Anthropologie. As one of the store’s most beloved products, it earns consistent raves for its versatility. Use it to cinch a flowing jumpsuit, or to add structure to a patterned dress.

4. Pile on the layers

Statement necklaces can take many forms. There are the resplendent pieces with dynamic pendants that stand out for miles, and then there are layered necklaces like the Evros Y-chain from BaubleBar.

This striking piece exudes a sense of simplicity and sophistication at once. The layered effect is fresh and contemporary, and it looks right at home with anything from a simple T-shirt to a dressy blouse.

5. Embrace your tough side

To toughen up a particularly soft and sweet look, try adding a studded accessory to the mix. This Lulus Crowd Pleaser studded clutch is just edgy enough without venturing into risky territory. The studs are nicely balanced by an array of gentler hues that play well with anything in your closet.

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    I’m always searching for the perfect accessories.. Also try a store called Laila Rowe ( They have great accessories for a wide price range.

    accessories, accessories are so fun.  they can take the simplest outfit and make it completely unique.  i shop for all my accessories at thrift stores/garage sales/attics/street vendors.  you can find the most wild stuff and no one else ever has it.  plus, it’s cheap, so you’re not spending a fortune on stuff that is going to go out of style in a month and you dont’ cry if you lose it.  jewelry is waaaay overpriced in stores.  go thrift and turn your friends green with envy!

    I love the clearance section in Robinson’s May—$5-10 gets me a nice neckless or 2.  I’ve even got something for a dollar there once!

    I think accessories are definitely a major investment. It makes a whole lot of difference even to the plainest of outfits. Sally, you are my kind of girl.

    I always forget to shop the sale section of Internet shopping sites, but they’re well worth the visit, especially for accessories. I also think that the right accessories can completely update a classic suit or dress. In Style mag gives good examples of how to do that.

    I like They have a wide range of really cute jewelry.

    A great place to buy accessories on the cheap is Charming Charlie. I think they are pretty new, but they are basically a mega store of inexpensive jewelry, scarfs, hats and some clothing.

    Charming Charlie, Ebay, my favorite consignment shop in Atlanta…Finders Keepers and also the thrift stores/garage sales.

    So true! It’s amazing what a cute statement ring or necklace (the latter is my fave) can do for an outfit. My fave accessories stores are H&M, Zara on sale, and Charlotte Russe!

    Etsy has some gorgeous super affordable jewelry as well 🙂

    Love these accessory ideas! I’ve been watching Reckless and have picked up some more great fashion tips! If you’re looking, they have a lot of different characters with great style- Sundays CBS 10pm

    Accessories definitely gives your dress a much-diversified look when worn correctly. It also helps when you are short on dress and have to wear the same dress. You can never go wrong with buying of accessories but well buy them for cheap as their sole purpose is to compliment the dress.

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