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How to Shop Torrid: 5 Rules for Success

We’ve bemoaned the agony of finding fashionable and affordable plus size clothing a million times before, so we’ll skip that soapbox here. You know, in the interest of brevity.

That being said, Torrid was one of the early online retailers that featured trendy and junior-centric clothing for girls with curve. The problem? Quality is not job one here, and the prices really aren’t always as cheap as they should be.

So to get the most from Torrid, you really must know how to shop Torrid effectively. As some wise person once said (surely it was a woman), know before you go.

The scoop on how to shop Torrid

1. Think fun, not forever

Torrid is a fast-fashion retailer. This is a store that specializes in here today, gone tomorrow trend pieces. Case in point: There’s a purple velvet scoop neck cami on the site today. It’s cute and trendy, but are you going to want to wear that next year? Probably not.

Purple velvet cami from Torrid.
Velvet Scoop Neck Cami. See details at

So you can buy that cami if you love it. It will keep your pricier wardrobe staples feeling fun and current. Those wardrobe staples might include the expensive jeans you can’t live without or that perfectly shaped J. Crew blazer.

The takeaway? Shop Torrid for sexy tops for girls’ nights. Go elsewhere for re-wearable basics.

2. Join Torrid Rewards

Rewards are never all they’re cracked up to be, but they don’t hurt either. If you’re a regular Torrid shopper, it pays to sign up for Torrid Rewards. It is free, after all.

The program has tiers based on your spending. The more you spend, the more you earn. Don’t let that get to your head. It’s never worth it to buy stuff you don’t need and there’s no shame in being a Torrid Insider vs. a Torrid VIP.

Insider is the entry-level tier, for those who spend less than $499 annually at Torrid. Insiders earn 1 point for every $1 spent. After 250 points, you get a $10 rewards. During Torrid Cash earnings periods, you’ll earn $25 for every $50 you spend. You can then redeem your Torrid Cash during specific redemption windows. If you’re thinking that sounds like Kohl’s Cash, you’re right.

3. Shop wide-width shoes

Wide-width shoes are not necessarily a given for plus-size ladies. And, plenty of average-sized women have wide feet. But finding a good selection of cute wide-width shoes can be maddening and disheartening.

So when a good source of wider shoes is out there, it deserves some recognition. This is where Torrid shines. I mean, just take a peek at the grey sweater knee boots below, available in wide width. Wanna guess on the price? Scroll down and I’ll tell you.

Wide-width sweater knee boots from Torrid.
Sweater Knee Boots. See details at

As of this writing, the above boots are on sale for $44.75. What?!

4. Know the return policy

Torrid does not offer free returns, unless you are a VIP (which means you spend $1,000 or more annually with Torrid). So get familiar with Torrid’s return policy before you shop.

5. Have a list to get free shipping

Free shipping deals come and go on Torrid. Right now, you must spend $75 for free shipping. That means you can’t shop Torrid the way you shop Amazon. You know what I’m saying. You wake up at 3:00 am and decide you need a black tank top. You buy it and go back to sleep.

Don’t do that. Instead, keep a running list of garments you “need.” Once the list gets to three or four items, you can buy. That’s how to shop Torrid without spending too much on shipping.

6. Check coupons, sales, and clearance items

Isn’t clearance always a budget shopper’s best friend? Well, sort of. Yes, the prices can be crazy low. But these inexpensive garments usually are not returnable. So, there are pros and cons.

Still, you should check Torrid’s clearance page and any other deals running. Sometimes, there’s a button at the bottom of your screen that’ll read something like, “Up to 50% Off…” Tap on that and you should see a list of whatever specials are happening at the moment. Take advantage of these!

Do you have more tips for how to shop Torrid? Let me know!

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Thursday 20th of October 2011

I agree! Torrid shoes are not great quality, especially for the prices they are charging! I too shop the clearance section and recently purchased about $1000 worth the clothes... some were GREAT and others were just okay... all in all, I would keep shopping with Torrid, but will be more mindful of the materials I purchase in the future... especially since I purchased it all online!


Tuesday 2nd of August 2011

Torrid's shoes are of poor quality. I've had several heels snap and I'm not an extremely overweight girl. Count on wearing their heels a couple times to save yourself from walking to your car with a broken heel.


Monday 1st of August 2011

I read in a magazine that Torrid jeans were the best for plus-sizes... OMG, they were right!! I have a few jeans from there and they are the best fitting ones in my closet.

Janet C.

Wednesday 20th of July 2011

Torrid is my "go to" for store brand denim. Great styles and with Divastyle discount, very affordable.


Wednesday 20th of July 2011

Just made my first trip to Torrid last week. I bought a great shirt on clearance. Just like LB, regular price is way too much for me. Sales/clearance make them affordable.

I loved that Torrid was different/more trendy than Macys, LB and Avenue, my regular shopping stops.

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