TJ Maxx to Bring Runway to Select Stores

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  • October 2, 2006
  • Updated January 19, 2019

TJ Maxx, borrowing from Loehmann’s Back Room, is opening high-end (but sale priced) designer boutiques in 40 stores nationwide.  These stores within a store will feature major European and American designers for up to 60% off retail price.

I’ve seen the selection at the TJ Maxx on 6th Avenue in NYC and, while I found a few great deals (black D&G cigarette pants for $40) for the most part it was nothing to get too excited about.. well at least not yet…Reader Tamara agrees. She wrote:

“Honestly, it wasn’t anything to write home about – prices were nowhere near rock bottom ($399 for a Prada blazer) and the selection looked like the remnants that Saks Off Fifth didn’t want. I think this is the company’s attempt to compete with Filene’s Basement. A half-hearted try, but it may shape up with time.”

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    Catherine Brock

    As a Southern California transplant now living in the Midwest, Catherine has turned layering into an art form and accepted that UGGs actually do have a place in the stylish lady's wardrobe. She's been featured in Woman's World Magazine,, Refinery29, and has made appearances on ABC7 Chicago, FOX2News St. Louis, KCAL9 Los Angeles, Fox19 Cincinnati, WGN TV Chicago and WCPO TV Cincinnati.

    Blog Comments

    My theory on TJ’s and the like is only go there when you have time to browse and never go when you are looking for something specific.  But, do buy when you see something that is a fantastic opportunity like the Calvin Klein sliver velvet bias cut dress with draped neckline that I found for $49 or the Ralph Lauren wool sweater coat that I just bought for $39

    I agree you need time when you go to tjmaxx, marshalls and others, but personally i find designer items each time i go,
    ed hardy
    2 b free
    michael kors
    nine west (almost designer)
    coach/ dooney bags
    beverly feldman
    and many others, so many that i forget,
    as you can see i am an advocate of the tjmaxx, and marshalls, they offer the best prices on designer trends.

    Shopping at this type of store is for the “love to shop” customer. You have time on your hands and what better than finding an item you almost feel like your getting away with something because the price is dirt cheap. I found a Dooney & Burke for 79.99 with registration cards included. It may have been the off season bag but who only uses this type of bag for one season and disposes? Not’s a keeper. Tan leather and black canvas…it’s the best. A Ralph Lauren cashmere lilac cable turtle neck was my last find…clearanced at 58.00! The day before I was surfing on line looking and clearance price was 73.99 and only if you were a L or XL smaller sizes sold out. 95% of the time when I leave this type of store I feel like the “shopper of the year” with the deals I scored. It’s the perfect place for the average middle class to feel they can also afford some designer items and still feed the family! My husband feels relieved when he knows I’m heading out to this type of store to do some shopping and the smile on my face when I get home is worth it!

    You can definately find some good deals at TJ Maxx, but I agree with the others, you have to have lots of time to sift through the junk.  I found a $365 Joie puffer vest for $79.99, and a Theory cashmere V-neck sweater for $39.99 and a Theory cashmere cable-knit vest for $39.99 as well.  I find alot of Theory, Juicy, and Michael Kors petite clothing.  Sometimes I see some fairly good handbags, like Dooney and Coach.  While I personally don’t carry those two brands (I am a Marc Jacobs gal), I have bought some of those cheap and sold them on Ebay for a nice profit.  I would like to check out a runway dept. but no TJ Maxx where I live has one. Boohoo.

    well its been a couple of years since u wrote this
    and i just want to say
    that runway at maxx is really nice
    very top end fashion designers
    for realllly cheap prices
    i bought 3 dresses
    very beautiful alice+olivia
    for under 130 each

    It’s a shame they don’t give the men/boys more of a selection at TJ Maxx (a larger section for us both would be nice, as well). I know most of the men out there have their wives or girlfriends do their shopping, but some of us can actually accomplish it on our own. It’s difficult, though, when most stores are 90% aimed toward women. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to settle for our 10%.

    Okay i found a pair of Loubi at TJ Maxx here in the midwest and i would like to know fashionista should i purchase or leave em be? Reasonably $400.00 and the box none and garment bag none. What should I do help?

    Are you buying them because their loubitions and you love the brand or are you buying them because they’re a name brand? Use the cost per wear to figure out whether the shoes are worth it (are you going to really wear the shoes?).

    I purchased a Gucci bag at a TJ Maxx store. I wore it 3 times and it started to rip by the zipper. I shipped it to Gucci to get it repaired and they sent it back to me saying it is not a Gucci bag. So be careful what you buy from them because it’s most likely not real. Your best bet is to go to the designer stores direct. I am now questioning the other bags I have bought there. I will no longer be purchasing designer items from them !!

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