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Fashion Advice: The Fake Debate Continues — Designer Jeans

Fashion Advice: The Fake Debate Continues — Designer Jeans
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Dear Budget Fashionista,

I’m a petite woman who would like to try some Joe’s Jeans, but they’re out of my price range. I often see discounted pairs listed on eBay, but I have no idea how to spot a fake. I know you’ve addressed copies of high-end handbags, but what about denim? Are three-digit jeans really more flattering than a quality, $70 pair?

You can find real Joe’s Jeans for deep discounts at places like Last Call Neiman Marcus and Off Fifth, the Saks Fifth Avenues outlet. I would also check Marshalls, Filene’s Basement and TJ Maxx, who often get shipments of some of the top brands in jeans. Sign up online for their mailing lists, so you’ll get notified when they have their special denim events.

In terms of buying designer jeans on eBay, I would proceed with caution. It’s difficult to assess online whether a pair of jeans are the real thing or a knock-off. I think your best bet is to try and find them at the stores mentioned above.

There’s not much difference in terms of quality of fabric (and often construction) between a higher priced pair of jeans and a lower priced pair. For example, Faded Glory jeans at Wal-Mart and Mossimo at Target are thought to be as good, if not better, than many of the higher priced lines sold at Neiman and Saks, You’re often just paying extra money for the name brand.

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Saturday 18th of August 2007


are you really saying the difference between a canoe and a yacht is comparable to the difference in two pairs of jeans. Taking it a bit too far? And just fyi .. Mercedes owners, usually don’t trade in Hondas, nor do they tend to lecture on and on about the quality of their jeans ... someone indeed is showing some gross ignorance.


Monday 30th of April 2007

There is a difference between economy and luxury.  Unfortunately, I have owned Faded Glory jeans in the past.  I have also owned Mossimo jeans.  I would never wear them again, after wearing True Religion, 7 for All Mankind, Paige, etc. My analogy came from the fact I have owned three Hondas in the past; I now own a Mercedes.  There is simply no comparison.  Hondas and Walmart jeans are more popular than their higher end counterparts because they are more affordable. But how does a product’s low pricetag make it a superior product as you have claimed? Is Wet and Wild brand make up better than Chanel?  Are sardines better than caviar?  Is a canoe better than a yacht? When you buy cheap jeans (or cheap cars), you may be getting a decent product made from similar materials.  But, when you buy a LUXURY product, besides paying for the name you are paying for added details and quality that just don’t come with an economy product.  Premium denim looks, fits and feels better, because there is MUCH more attention put into detail and quality.  At the end of the day jeans are jeans, but your claim that Faded Glory jeans are superior to Joe’s shows gross ignorance and lack of research on your part as a so called “Fashionista.”


Monday 30th of April 2007

Ok… Not to be rude or anything, but comparing Faded Glory Jeans to Joe’s Jeans is like comparing a Honda to a Mercedes.

They are both cars, so they both do the same thing, right???

Wrong.  You get what you pay for, plain and simple.


Monday 30th of April 2007

Sorry KateZzzz.

It is true that there is VERY little difference in terms of fabric and often (but not always) construction between lines like the faded glory line at wal-mart and the higher priced brands. For example, Uniqlo has excellent premium quality jeans made from the EXACT same material as some of the higher end jeans for less than $50.

Ask any knowledgable manufacturer regarding jeans and they will tell you’e mostly paying for the name….


A pair that costs $60 to make retails for $300.

Actually the analogy you used with Honda vs Mercedes is a bit off, because according to Motor trends Honda is the most bang for your buck when compared to a merceds. Mercedes are great cars no doubt, BUT you are also paying for the name as well.

Have you ever tried faded glory jeans at Wal-mart? If so, what was your thoughts?


Saturday 3rd of February 2007

I have several pairs of Joe’s and really love them.  Bought three pairs for full price and have never regretted paying that much for them.  I did buy two pairs of Joe’s online at eBay and knew right away when they came out of the package that they were fake.  The vendors wouldn’t believe me or take back the jeans so I stopped using eBay.  Last year I decided to try a different brand called Paige.  I paid $195 plus tax for the jeans and I have to say they are not as good as Joe’s.  They stretched just like the 7s.  Hint:  Don’t dry your jeans in the machine if you don’t want them to stretch.  My rule is that I’ll buy a pair of jeans, regardless of price,  if they fit well and are known for their good reputation.  The cheaper brands have disappointed me since they are not as well made.

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