The Look for Less: Slipcovers

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Raise your hand if you DON’T have a crappy couch or chair you can’t afford to get rid of? That’s what we thought. Everyone has that less-than-desirable piece of furniture that you can’t afford to ditch, but it makes you cringe every time you look at it. You want a slipcover, but when you go to the store, sometimes the slipcovers cost more than you paid for the couch! Don’t worry, here are some budget slipcovers to help you hide the ugliness and save some $.

  • has slipcovers at every price. Check out their sale section for some delicious covers, like the Nantucket above for $29.99.

  • has some great tips on ways to cover ratty furniture. We love their idea of using a lace table cloth as a way to freshen-up a couch or chair on a budget.

  • has stretch jersey slipcovers that start at $34.99! View their entire selection of slipcovers; you can find sofa slipcovers for $39.99.

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