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White diamonds on a sparkly blue background

The Morbid Jewelry Trend That’s on the Rise

Say you compliment a dear friend on the amazing ring she’s just started wearing, and she tells you it’s cremation jewelry. Um, what now? Yep, that’s right — cremation jewelry is a thing and...
Norma Kamali Collage

Flashback Fashion: Norma Kamali and Budget Fashion

Back in 2006, Budget Fashionista helped spread the word that Norma Kamali was launching an affordable collection for Spiegel. Maybe we’re used to that sort of thing today, but back then, Kamali’s move was...
Sshoes - quieter women's shoes

SSh-oes: The Simple Solution to Loud Heels

Editor’s note: Sadly, it looks as though SSh-oes is no more. That means we have to go back to quieting our shoes the old-fashioned way. See this post on for tips! I thought...
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