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6 Changes to Your Beauty Routine to Embrace While You’re Home all the Time

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Not everything about being at home most of the time has a negative spin. As the weeks pass, we’re finding more and more bright spots and reasons to view our glasses as half full. In the before times, most of us began our days hitting the ground running and not stopping until it was time for our head to hit the pillow.

Without commuting twice a day, though, we have some time to step back and reflect on our routines, and now is the perfect time to get around to some self-care. Here are six ways you can take advantage of more time at home to redefine your usual beauty routine. You may never go back after this!

6 Fun Updates to Your Beauty Routine

1. Keep it less clean

Relax, we’re not asking you to stop disinfecting all of the things. We’re talking about your hair! When you wash your hair, your scalp is stripped of its natural oils. To compensate, it shifts into overdrive and produces even more. Spending all of this time at home is a great opportunity to “train” your scalp by washing it less often. If you dye your hair, washing it less frequently will also extend the life of your color, something that’s especially important when you may or may have the opportunity to get to the salon. It can take months for your scalp to adjust, but be patient!

A high-quality dry shampoo, like this one from Klorane, will absorb the excess oil so you can survive that rough patch between washings.

2. Go nude

Keep your sweatpants on, but consider dropping makeup from your beauty routine. Ditching the morning makeup routine will save you time so you can sleep in a little longer, and give your skincare treatments a chance to do their thing! If you absolutely must look fresh for your video meetings, try sticking to basics.

Fenty’s Instant Retouch Concealer comes in more than 40 shades to hide signs of quarantine stress or lack of sleep.

Give your lips a hint of color and a big boost of moisture with this hydrating lip treatment by IT COSMETICS. It’s available in two barely there tints to perk up your lips just enough.

3. Pamper your skin

With this new commitment to bare skin, you can now take advantage of the skincare products currently living their best lives inside your top drawer. How many of us have skipped taking care of our skin, sometimes not even washing our faces at all because we’re too exhausted at the end of the day? When you’re working from home, you can implement your skincare routine whenever.

No time for a mask? Nonsense! Treat yourself to this I’m Real Red Wine sheet mask by TONYMOLY on your lunch break. Sure, it’s not acceptable to daydrink during work hours, but that doesn’t mean your skin can’t drink up this nourishing mask in just 20 minutes. When you’re done, you’ll have your co-workers wondering if you’re born with it, or maybe it’s quarantine.

4. Take care of your hands

We’re all washing our hands more often and aggressively than ever these days. That’s creating new problems, like cracked cuticles and raw hands. Lush’s Lemony Flutter cuticle butter will put the cut(e) back in cuticle no matter how many times you’re running to the sink to wash up.

Neutrogena’s Norwegian formula hand cream has cult-classic status for a reason. It is the best hand cream you’ll find under $5, and it will repair the skin moisture barrier on your hands in no time. For best results, apply it to slightly damp skin — that prevents transepidermal water loss that leads to dehydration.

5. Don’t forget scent

Many of us work in situations where we’re not allowed to wear perfume, leaving our favorite fragrances to collect dust unless there’s a special occasion to give ourselves a spritz. Now that you’re spending most of your time at home, treat yourself and put on your favorite perfume before work. Scent can have a huge impact on your mood in a and set the tone for the rest of the day.

If you don’t have a favorite scent, we can nudge you in the right direction. With notes of jasmine and grapefruit, Tocca’s Cleopatra will make you smell and feel as beautiful as you are. And really, is there any better way to start your day?

6. Grow those brows

Ah, the overplucked brow. The wax gone wrong. The little accident with the razor. Whatever it was that caused your eyebrow drama, consider it a thing of the past. Now is a great time to grow those babies out and let them take their natural shape. You might be tempted to perform a little bit of management in between, but if you can let them go for as long as possible, you can more easily adjust them when they’re fully grown out.

A pair of cult-classic Tweezerman slant tweezers will get the job done every time. Just go slowly as you revisit your brow situation. Tackle the strays first, then stand back and examine the effect. Not sure? Let it be for a day or two, then come back to it. Less is more where your brows are concerned!

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