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The Midrange Dress Label Everyone’s (Still) Talking About

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What do Pippa and Kate Middleton, Reese Witherspoon and Beyonce have in common? I so wish I could say they’re collaborating on a Thelma & Louise remake, but that’s not it. These four stylish celebs are out-and-about wearing Self Portrait, the young brand launched by designer Han Chong.

A Short History of Self Portrait

Self Portrait made its London debut in 2013 with a collection Vogue described as “feminine, urban-inspired pieces with leather and lace signatures.

The man behind these girly, gorgeous frocks is one Han Chong, artist-turned-fashion-designer. Chong studied and practiced fine art before landing a gig in the fashion industry. With his feet wet as a designer, he sought out formal training at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London. After graduating, he co-founded an online store and, later, launched Self Portrait.

About the Collection

Since 2013, a string of stylish celebrities have drawn attention to the label. What’s interesting about that is Self Portrait isn’t priced solely for the rich and famous. Yes, you will spend several hundred dollars on a Chong-designed frock. And while that’s out of reach for the budget fashionista, it’s still on the affordable side for celebrity-wear.

Self Portrait dresses have a sweetness about them, thanks to lace details, high collars and A-line silhouettes. They are ultra-feminine without being frumpy. Several designs—such as the pink number Pippa Middleton wore to Wimbledon—feature lace over either bare skin and or a nude slip.

Beyonce also wore Self Portrait to Wimbledon in 2016. Her dress of choice featured a high, white-lace collar over bare shoulders and long, white-lace sleeves.

Beyonce and Pippa Middleton Wearing Self Portrait at Wimbledon

Where to Buy Self Portrait Dresses

Self Portrait pieces are easy to come by. You can find them at ShopBop, Neiman Marcus, Net-A-Porter and even ASOS. Expect to pay $400 or more for a dress and $300 or more for tops.

Budget Self Portrait Lookalikes

You can get a taste of Self Portrait style without dropping three digits. Fair warning: if you’re not getting the real thing, you will give up on some of the details, as well as the quality of craftsmanship. Also, it’s not likely anyone will walk up to you and ask if you’re wearing Self Portrait.

But you will have a cute, feminine dress that you can wear for shopping, spectator sports and even cocktail parties. And we’re calling that a big win for you.

Here are our Self Portrait lookalike picks, all for under $75.

Blue, beige and black dress with lace detail
Endless Rose Contrast Lace Dress, $71.50, ASOS

Which of these faux Self Portrait dresses strike your fancy?


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