Kate Middleton: Celebrity Style Deconstructed

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Kate Middleton is a one-of-a-kind celebrity. Every girl in the world is jealous of her, and yet we don’t hate her. Maybe it’s because loathing Prince William’s bride-to-be would be like despising a Disney princess. The love story and the girl are just too sweet. Or maybe it’s just because, while she’s in line to become the Queen of England, she’s still just a budget fashionista like you and me. In case you didn’t hear, according to US Weekly, her favorite store is TJ Maxx, the British version of TJ Maxx,

While snagging a royal hubby of your own is a feat we can’t help you with, we can help you snag style that’s fit for a princess. Here’s how you can look like Kate.

Kate Middleton’s Fashion Style Deconstructed

Tailored Coats

Style & Co. Structured Coat, $41.24, Macy’s

Whimsical Toppers

By far the most fun part of Kate’s style: her hats. We found an adorable copy for under $10. Now, as far as finding an appropriate venue for wearing it, you’re on your own.


Victorian Side Hat, $8.80, Forever 21

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