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Redress NYC is Closed, But Here are Other Places to Shop Plus Size Fashion in New York

In 2008, we reviewed Redress NYC, a slamming new consignment shop and vintage boutique for plus size fashionistas in Brooklyn. Located in the Boerum Hill section, Redress NYC was one of the first consignment/vintage shop to specialize in sizes 14+.

Sadly, Redress NYC is no more. The shop is now closed. Our original review is below — but you’re probably here looking for plus size shopping in New York. So here are a few other options.

Plus size fashion in New York

Century 21 and Daffy’s

The plus-size budget pickin’ in New York City are few and far between.  You can try Century 21, which can be hit or miss.

Ashley Stewart

Another shop to try is Ashley Stewart, an urban branded store along the lines of Lane Bryant. It’s sort of like the Forever 21 of the plus size industry with cheap prices and cheaply made clothes.

Department stores

On the higher-end, try Saks Fifth Avenue (10th floor), Bloomingdales (basement), Macys (on the 7th or 8th floor) and Lord & Taylor (either 7th or 8th floor). All three have plus-size departments and a wide selection from designers like Ellen Tracy, Anne Klein, Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta and Inc. The best time to shop these stores is in July/August and January/February. Otherwise expect to spend your mortgage.


Also try boutiques like Eileen Fisher (the best store is on 395 Broadway), and Lafayette 148. These are pretty high end, but have a solid selection of plus-size fashions.

Our 2008 Redress NYC review

Here’s a look at our original Redress NYC review. You know, just in case you’re thinking about opening a consignment shop in Brooklyn.

What we like about Redress NYC

The space is incredible, at least 2000 square feet, which is something you will not find in Manhattan for any store, let alone a plus size store. Redress NYC has a large selection of both mall-based, plus-size brands like Lane Bryant and Torrid plus classic vintage pieces dating back to the 1930s. The actual quality of the vintage pieces were perhaps the best I’ve seen in any consignment shop, regardless of size classification.

Prices fall in the $15-$600 price range, with items from mall stores on the low end and the vintage items commanding the big bucks.

Also, I loved the bathroom. You can tell a lot about a place from its bathroom and Redress has the best store bathroom I’ve ever been in. Seriously! Painted flowers, smelly hand soap and lotion. Made me feel special and welcomed. You feel good about shopping there because the store wants you as a customer. That’s something you rarely get as a plus size shopper.

What we don’t like about Redress NYC

First, if you’re looking to make some cash off your clothing, the price paid for garments is low, compared to what Redress would sell it for. As an example, you might get $5 for a top they’ll sell for $30. If you want to sell your garments for cash, you’re better of heading to another consignment shop.

You can opt to get paid in store credit, which is a much higher payout. That’s a good option if you’re more interested in recycling your clothing than cash in your pocket. 

Some of the vintage pieces were crazy expensive, like $500 expensive, which is way too much for handmade garments. I did find a rare pucci-esque print dress with a front slit up to my waist for $70 in store credit. Cheap? Nope. Unique? Yes.

The Brooklyn location, especially for visitors and those of us who live in Manhattan, isn’t the most convenient. But the store is located in a cute, hipster, neighbor and the F train stop is nearby.

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Thursday 1st of September 2011

Saw your shop on TV program and the clothes are beautiful. As a plus size women was happy to see women able to go into a shop and actualy find something to wear that was beautiful on them. The fashion show on Big Sexy was great, my husband sat thru the entire show with me . The women looked beautiful and I wish I could go into a shop here in Hawaii and find nice things to wear instead of settleing for what's on the racks. ugh.. Will be watching the show and watching the fashions. Aloha from Hawaii. Panda


Wednesday 13th of April 2011

Love it!

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