Pawn Stars For Chicks: A Bunch of Consignment Shop Based Reality Shows Are Set to Hit Your TV Sets

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First Pawn Stars.. now “House of Consignment” and “Fashion Hunters”

Consignment shops will be the setting for a bunch (and we mean like 3 to 4) reality television shows, all trying to piggy-back on the popularity of TV shows like Pawn Stars and the rise of budget fashion.

Vh1’s new reality TV show, “House of Consignment” will premiere in January 2012. The new show stars Chicago entrepreneur Corri McFadden, who owns a consignment store that buys and sells used designer goodies. Corri and her entourage of fashion experts also offer a “Closet Cleanout” option, where they analyze and advise wealthy clients on the states of their closets.

House of Consignment is similar to Bravo’s new show “Fashion Hunters“, which also follows a consignment shop (New York based “Second Time Around”), and features a similar set up. TBF has learned that other consignment shop based shows are in the works for Style Network and WE.

While we can definitely see the dramatic possibilities for a show based at a consignment shop, you won’t find “budget” shoppers at these stores as the featured stores tend to cater to the “Optionally Broke”, those who could pay full price, but choose to shop consignment.

Are You Going to Watch the Consignment Shop Reality Shows?

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  • Iluvfashion

    I will watch! because i will be in the fashion show in one of the new episodes!!!

  • Now THIS looks like fun! But, I don’t like that we won’t see budget minded fashion hunters. I am a Fashionista on a non-existent budget, lol

  • sjz

    It should be called porn shops for the amount of money the people spend on what they consider important brands. I watched the show on Bravo and was appalled at women paying 10,000.00 for a real Birken purse. Sickening. Is this really the time for a show like this? Last time I looked America was in big economic trouble. Let them eat cake. And the shows roll on.

  • Nancy

    I wish they would stop doing all these reality shows. All of these alternative trade venues then end up flooded with wannabes who don’t totally understand the value of specific things and end up driving up the prices for everyone. The same thing happened when all the news shows did bits on shopping in thrift stores. Prices almost doubled at some of the thrift stores.

  • Probably not. If they were really some fashionista budget shows, then I might be interested, but I have seen the previews.

  • Yes!