How to Avoid Brandi Glanville’s Wardrobe Malfunction

It’s summer, and in this kind of heat we’re all trying to wear as little as possible to stave off the sweat. I can’t even begin to count the days that I spend a few minutes in the morning trying to adjust my skimpy-summer look so I don’t flash too much skin – and here’s the first tip: if you have to look in the mirror to make sure you aren’t showing something you don’t want public, don’t wear it. Or, take one of the following precautions to secure your tanks, dresses, skirts and straps.

1. Double-Sided Fabric Tape: Only $3.49 at Walgreens, fabric tape should be a summer wardrobe staple. Great for securing draped tops or flappy fronts, fabric tape sticks to your skin (or another piece of fabric) and won’t budge till you wish to remove it. Fabric tape is my trusted go-to whenever I need a guarantee.

2. Bra Strap Holder: Tired of straps that end up around your elbows? Or, perhaps you’re wearing a tank that has a crossed-back. Whatever your reason for wanting to keep your straps up, check out this securing gidget for just $4.40 via

3. Pasties: One of fashion’s most brilliant creations ever, owning pasties for those backless tops and dresses (or anything made of a dubiously-sheer material) when you can’t wear a bra will save you nipple-bearing grief. Get them on for just $1.49. Heck, stock up!