5 Five-Minute Beauty Tips for $5

Affordable Beauty Products

As a busy budget babe, I’m all for ways to save money and time without cutting any of my beauty habits. Over the years I’ve accumulated seasonal beauty tips for less, which means that I can fit them in on a Sunday afternoon or those few minutes between work and dinner. Here are my favorite five-dollar and five-minute tips for spring.

5 Cheap and Quick Beauty Tips

1. Feet: After a long dry winter shoved in close-toed shoes, boots, and heels, before I go barefoot or flip-flops I always make a pilgrimage to to Lush for Stepping Stone foot scrub ($4.50). I love this stuff, and in a matter of minutes your feet will be smooth and dead-skin free.

2. Hair: Always in need for hydration, my go-to for salve for dry hair and split ends is Avon Advance. For only $4.99 (on sale from $8.00), this delicious serum will turn any amount of scruffy hair in to a head of smooth.

3. Skin: Nothing says spring like the smell of citrus. Get pink grapefruit body lotion at Bath & Body and you’ll feel light and refreshed for the entire day ($4.75).

4. Lips: Pucker up. For $4.99 at Target, you can get Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer and be kissable every second of the day.

5. Nails: As important as it is to have your nails filed and polished, a good set never ignores the cuticle. Grab Badger Balm for $5.99 and all your worries will be pointed elsewhere.

Got any of your own quick beauty tips that don’t cost an arm and leg? Do share in the comments!

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