Is Your Kate Spade Bag Fake?

Is your Kate Spade bag or wallet fake? That’s the question at hand. Playful sophistication is the hallmark of Kate Spade New York, and since the brand’s launch in 1993, women on every continent have been splurging on the brand’s sleek, utilitarian and adorably colorful bags. But when a peek at the price tag makes a fashionista grapple with style vs. smart spending, she might be likely to fall prey to a too-good-to-be-true deal. Of course, we all want to believe that a girl can find an authentic Kate Spade bag for less than full price. And she can, but how does she know if that Kate Spade bag or wallet is fake? Here are five ways to tell. 5 Ways to Spot a Kate Spade Fake 1. Location, Location, Location You can’t get authentic Kate Spade from a purse party, a flea market, or in shopping districts such as Chinatown or Santee Alley. Nor can the bags be found at mall kiosks or auction sites sorry. Kate Spade retailers are found in every state and every continent, but those are mainly department stores, luxury boutiques and Kate Spade stores. If you didn’t find your prospective purchase at one of these … Continue reading Is Your Kate Spade Bag Fake?