How to Take Great Instagram Pictures in a Snap

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Photo Courtesy Aasim from Sugar and Fluff

With Instagram’s new availability to Android users, and the recent Facebook buyout, it’s no surprise that if you weren’t clamoring to use the photo filter/sharing app, you are now. The Instagram phenomena has taken iPhone users by storm, and now that it’s spreading to larger audiences, it seems everyone wants a piece of the on-the-go photographer mentality. Whether you use the app to upload pics to its own social media platform or link them to your blog or Twitter account, (did you also know you can print them for photo albums and DIY use?!) no matter where their final destination, we’ve compiled a few tips on how to look like a pro and take great Instagram pics.

Having a stream full of “like-worthy” uploads can do loads for your online presence, especially if you’re a fashion blogger or just looking to build up your network. Synching the photo sharing app to other online networking tools can help to grow your following and market yourself. Here’s how to get to snapping successfully.

How to Snap Great Shots with Instagram


Know thy Filters Photo Courtesy ASOS

Like any new toy, it’s best to play around with the app and figure out the type of settings that work best for your environment and aesthetic. If you’re the artsy photo type, test out all the different filters and pick a favorite. Remember that the filter is applied after the photo is taken, so don’t miss an important shot worrying about shading styles.

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