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Rompers: How to Wear a Grownup Onesie

Rompers: How to Wear a Grownup Onesie

Romper, jumpsuit, playsuit, grownup onesie – or whatever you want to call it – these one-piece garments are an of-the-moment fashion trend that has the world’s attention. Worn by celebrities and commoners alike, rompers feature sleek silhouettes that flatter the feminine figure and hug all the right curves. They are generally loose fitting, and can range from casual to formal in design. If you love the look of playful rompers, indulge your inner kid and wear your grownup onesie the right way.
Follow these tips to help you wear your romper with confidence.

1. Choose a Statement Accessory

runway model wearing white romper

To offset the balanced look of a romper, choose accessories that will enhance your ensemble and provide a focal point. Limit your accessories to a single key piece, such as a statement necklace, embellished headband, sparkly dangling earrings, or series of cuff bracelets worn on one wrist.

2. Wear Supportive Undergarments

Shapewear is a must when wearing rompers to create a smooth, streamlined shape and to support the tummy and bust. Choose undergarments that will help hide any imperfections, such as high-waisted tights, firm control bodysuits, or waist cinchers. If you’re top heavy, opt for a romper with sleeves or straps to ensure your bra is hidden.

3. Coordinate Your Footwear

The shoes you choose to wear with your romper can make or break your look. You can easily dress up your ensemble with a pair of stylish pumps or gladiator heels. For a more casual look, opt for a pair of caged sandals or combat boots. Wide-legged jumpsuits look best with chunky high wedges, while ankle booties complement tailored jumpsuits.

4. Know What Styles Suit You Best

While rompers can be highly flattering on the female figure, they don’t suit all body types and lifestyles. For example, if you are self-conscious about your thighs or if you have thick knees, the look may not suit you. Rompers are also not suited for women who must use the restroom frequently, as the one-piece garments take time to remove.

5. Consider the Age-Appropriateness

red-head wearing a black romper

Rompers are simply one of those fashion trends that look best on the younger generation, usually under age 22. While some older women can certainly pull of this popular look, it can be more difficult to find a style of romper that is age-appropriate for older females. Before sporting a grown-up onesie, consider if the look is truly for you.

One piece rompers continue to be uber trendy, especially during the spring and summer seasons. Before you pull that playsuit off the rack, consider how you’ll wear it, what accessories could enhance the garment, what footwear could complement the look, and if a romper is the right style choice for your individual look, age and personality.

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Toby Archdall

Thursday 2nd of April 2015

I agree. One piece always looks awesome and descent. Recently, I found that kaftans is also a good choice.

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