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How to Shop Charlotte Russe

We know you love Charlotte Russe for their $20 platform wedges and $4 earrings, but before your start loading up your dressing room with the retailers fashions, there are a few things you should know.

How to Shop Charlotte Russe

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Understand Their Audience
Charlotte Russe falls into the category of chains that target college-age girls or younger– their core audience is between 18-21. With retailers like these, the rule of thumb is quantity over quality. Remember, their audience has little money to work with, is still changing physically and is constantly changing up their style, meaning they’re not going to invest a lot in clothes. With that in mind, don’t expect to find your office staples at Charlotte Russe– or really any staples, as clothes from this retailer aren’t built to last. We like the store for its trendy offerings (why spend a lot when it will be out of style in a few months anyway?), but know that a professional woman or chic twenty-something isn’t going to find her to-die-for ensembles here.

Head for the Accessories (Well Some of Them)
Yes, $4 for a set of bangles and $7.50 for a statement necklace are crazy good deals. That giant wall of rings, bracelets and earrings at Charlotte Russe is pretty much the best part of the store. the baubles aren’t only incredibly priced, but their super cute, so we totally condone going to town there. But while the jewelry’s a steal (as are the Buy 1, Get 1 for $10 shoes), when it comes to their 5 for $10.50 undies and $25 bags, we think you’re the one getting robbed. You get what you pay for, so don’t be surprised when that clutch starts falling apart at the seams, and when those itchy boy shorts start chaffing, remember you were warned.

Two Words: Online Exclusives
Some of Charlotte Russe’s best going-out tops and head-turning dresses aren’t actually in the store, so if you like what you see on the racks, but haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, checkout for a plethora of clothes and accessories that are only available online.

BFF Them
We have a love-hate relationship with mass e-mails and texts, but if they save us money, then we’ll happily let retailers like Charlotte Russe load up our inbox. “BFF” them and receive 10% off text message alerts and e-mails about limited-time offers and happy hour specials.

Play by the Rules
The clothes at Charlotte Russe are already inexpensive, but you can save even more cash with BFF cards. You can get a $5 BFF shopping card for every $25 you spend in stores and online. That’s a new pair of earrings! Or a racerback tank! The cards aren’t available all year long, but if you do the majority of your shopping in the spring and fall, you could find yourself with a pretty big payday.

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Friday 10th of June 2011

I would add be sure and look for tears or holes when trying things on, especially if they're from the clearance rack. These clothes are definitely not built to last, but sometimes they are literally falling apart before you ever get them home.


Wednesday 8th of June 2011

Great post! I'm 22 and finding it harder and harder to shop at stores such as Charlotte Russe. I'm a college graduate working in an office, so their clothing isn't exactly appropriate! Nowaways I prefer Loft or New York and Company. I actually think that CR's target audience is probably closer to 14-20. I remember girls in high school wearing Charlotte Russe clothing, but much less so in college. Their jewelry is definitely a steal though when you want something cute and cheap.

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