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How to Shop Express

When the CEO of a brand makes it perfectly clear that he won’t stop until his brand is recognized as the best retail fashion brand in the world, you’ve got to be intrigued. Well, Micheal Weiss, CEO of Express, said exactly that, and we kind of believe him.

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Express is the sixth largest specialty retailer of women’s and men’s apparel in the U.S., and they got there for a reason. Begun as a crazy experiment 30 years ago, the brand has some of the best selections of affordable fashions around for work or weekend. But as the brand has a strategy for becoming the best, a savvy shopper should do her homework in order to get the best out of her experience. Here’s how it’s done.

How to Shop Express

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Never, we repeat, never ever pay full price for anything at Express. True, it’s not very expensive to begin with, but with all the discounts that can constantly show up in your inbox and mailbox, you should be able to score a deal literally every time you make a purchase. That’s why our rule #1 is, before you do anything else, even before you browse the fun fashions, get your hands on those discounts.

Know what to buy.
We’re used to telling you what you should and shouldn’t purchase at certain retailers, but with Express, you can count on quality with just about everything you buy. Our flip flops stay in tact all summer long, our statement rings never stain our fingers, and our blouses look sharp at the office week after week. But what’s the best purchase of all? Office staples. Yes, Express is known for trendy offerings, but the best deal in the store is that $50 pencil skirt you can wear to work all the time. We also recommend dress pants and jackets.

Go high-tech.
Okay, well maybe not high tech, as tablets, social networking and smartphones are pretty widespread nowadays. Nevertheless, get the news of new pieces, crazy deals and other news first with Twitter, Facebook, mobile alerts, YouTube and the Express App. That’s a lot of Express, but you know you love it.

Understand the catch.
While you’re jamming to your Express Life playlist and browsing the website, you may get super excited about visiting the store and seeing all the gorgeous garments and accessories in person, but hold on one sec. Truth be told, you can’t find everything in stores. Swimwear, shoes, and lingerie are carried in limited supply in the store, if at all. And many of the sale items can only be found online. To keep it stress-free, though, Express lets you know what’s an online exclusive, and also which stores carry what items.

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