Buyer’s Remorse! When And How To Return That Silly Top You Bought At Marshalls

The Budget Fashionista provides this overview of Marshalls return policy for informational purposes only. These policies are subject to change. Please contact the store directly for current return policies.

Marshalls storefront

Marshalls Return Policy

Store purchases with receipt

If you have the register receipt, you can return your merchandise for an exchange or refund within 30 days. There are caveats though:

  • If you wrote a check, you have to wait at least 10 days from the purchase date to get a cash refund.
  • The store manager has the say on whether an item is eligible for a return. If you’ve worn it or used or the merchandise looks like it cannot be resold for any reason, you won’t be able to return it. If the tags are removed from swimwear or foundation garments, they won’t accept it as a return. Clearance items are also not usually returnable.

Store purchases without a receipt


Returns with without a receipt are only eligible for store credit.

Valid ID (drivers license, military ID, state issued photo ID card), name, address and signature are required for returns without a valid receipt or gift receipt. Your signature may also be required.

Store purchases after 30 days

If you have the receipt, you may be able to return an item after 30 days for store credit only.

Gift receipts

Gift receipts are valid for store credit or exchange of merchandise only.

Marshalls may also decline returns based upon the store’s refund verification systems. This system helps track returns to limit losses.

You can find the official Marshalls return policy here.

Online Purchases

You can return your online purchase to the store or by mail within 40 days of purchase date. You must provide the receipt or packing slip. If you choose to mail your return, Marshalls deducts $9.99 from the amount of your refund.

If you return the item after 40 days from the purchase date, you’ll get merchandise credit.

What Our Readers Say

Take a peek at the comments below and you’ll see that many Marshalls stores are not forgiving with the return policy. A store employee can deny refunds and store credit if you don’t have a receipt. Your best bet is to keep your Marshalls receipts organized and don’t remove those tags until you’re sure you want to keep that piece.


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