Buyer’s Remorse! When And How To Return That Silly Top You Bought At Marshalls

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The Budget Fashionista provides this overview of Marshalls return policy for informational purposes only. These policies are subject to change. Please contact the store directly for current return policies.

Marshalls Return Policy

Store purchases with receipt

If you have the Marshalls register receipt, you can return your merchandise for an exchange or refund within 30 days. There are caveats though:

  • If you wrote a check, you have to wait at least 10 days from the purchase date to get a cash refund.
  • The store manager has the say on whether an item is eligible for a return. If you’ve worn it or used or the merchandise looks like it cannot be resold for any reason, you won’t be able to return it. If the tags are removed from swimwear or foundation garments, they won’t accept it as a return. Clearance items are also not usually returnable.

Store purchases without a receipt


Returns with without a receipt are only eligible for store credit.

Valid ID (drivers license, military ID, state issued photo ID card), name, address and signature are required for returns without a valid receipt or gift receipt. Your signature may also be required.

Store purchases after 30 days

If you have the receipt, you may be able to return an item after 30 days for store credit only.

Gift receipts

Gift receipts are valid for store credit or exchange of merchandise only.

Marshalls may also decline returns based upon the store’s refund verification systems. This system helps track returns to limit losses.

You can find the official Marshalls return policy here.

Online Purchases

You can return your online purchase to the store or by mail within 40 days of purchase date. You must provide the receipt or packing slip. If you choose to mail your return, Marshalls deducts $9.99 from the amount of your refund.

If you return the item after 40 days from the purchase date, you’ll get merchandise credit.

What Our Readers Say

Take a peek at the comments below and you’ll see that many Marshalls stores are not forgiving with the return policy. A store employee can deny refunds and store credit if you don’t have a receipt. Your best bet when shopping Marshalls is to keep your Marshalls receipts organized and don’t remove those tags until you’re sure you want to keep that piece.

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    Catherine Brock

    As a Southern California transplant now living in the Midwest, Catherine has turned layering into an art form and accepted that UGGs actually do have a place in the stylish lady's wardrobe. She's been featured in Woman's World Magazine,, Refinery29, and has made appearances on ABC7 Chicago, FOX2News St. Louis, KCAL9 Los Angeles, Fox19 Cincinnati, WGN TV Chicago and WCPO TV Cincinnati.

    Blog Comments

    Can you return items bought in GA and returned to FL within 30 days and with the sale
    receipt ? Thank you for a prompt answer. M. R. H.

    99% sure you can return items to ANY marshalls anywhere in the country as long as you have a receipt

    You can’t return a swimsuit with store tag WITHOUT the receipt—at least according to the clerk at my local Marshalls. My daughter was gifted a swimsuit for her birthday (no reciept). It didn’t fit and when I tried to return it for store credit or an exchange for size I was declined. The clerk made a remark about OSHA regulations. Really? How does having the receipt make the suit any more sanitary than the suit just having the tags on it. FWIW I only allow my daughter (elementary age) to try on suits with underwear on. Fed up with Marshalls lousy customer service and won’t be shopping there any more. Some lucky girl whose mom shops at Goodwill will get a lovely brand new with tags swim suit next week.

    This sounds like a fair and reasonable policy, yet it failed me today at Marshall’s in Ledgewood, NJ. In late August, I bought a shirt for my daughter for school. She wore it for the first time last week. While she was at school, it began to fall apart. Hem stitching came out, and a hole appeared elsewhere. I washed it and went to Marshall’s. When the cashier heard me, she immediately called the front end person over. She then called the manager. They did not want to hear that the shirt must have been defective or that I washed the shirt as a courtesy to them. Did they want me to bring a dirty shirt to them? The manager scolded me for not listening to him and for washing the shirt. When I looked him in the eye to show I was listening, he started becoming even more annoyed.
    The thing that bothered me most was that this policy was not allowing for a defect in the merchandise–it’s not like someone wore it and then changed their mind.

    My niece bought me a pair of jeans 4 my bday but they dnt fit can I exchange them without a receipt?

    yes you can return them as long as the tags r still on them and you have your id 

    For the clothes, if you’ve already worn them for couple of times, you couldn’t return them even with receipt and tags.

    Is it possible to mail returns? The nearest store is far away from me.

    i bought a suit from marshalls back in March it has sat in my closet was never hemmed nor used still has tags however i have misplaced the receipt may i still return it for store credit

    It completely depends if it shows up in the return active sale systems. If it still has a price available in the store to return then yes. If it reads the tag that it cannot bigger found then it is no longer in the system or store so it has no value to be able to be returned without the receipt. You still cannot get store credit.

    I went to return 104$ MK bag to Marshall today . But the manager said that it’s not their bag. I have been shopping from Marshall since 14 years. It never happened to me. I felt terrible . What can I do at this point. I have the tag and receipt . And I purchased it 2 weeks back.

    Cynthia L. Hughes

    I bought a Jessica Simpson suitcase at the Silver Spring store and used it 2times before the zipper front fell apart (stitching was coming apart), because I did not have the tickets still on and the receipt with it, I was denied anything back because the case was no longer being sold in the store. HELLO, probably because the product was not up to standards. I paid, $79.99 for it, and I also purchased the matching bag which is great, I love it but it did not fall apart like the suitcase. I talked to the manager, she said their was nothing she could do with the tags and the receipt. I am very disappointed in customer service, what happened to satisfaction guaranteed no questions asked!!! If you care enough to respond to my complaint, you can reach me at PHONE or email at EMAIL Thank you in advance. I left the case at the store in discuss, and will not be back. FYI Macy’s takes back anything because they can look up your charge card charges.


    I scrubbed out your contact information from your comment. I would suggest you call the store back or call corporate. It’s likely that you will the same answer from them, unfortunately. Good luck.


    I was denied a return of a Halloween item today. I realize it’s after Halloween, but the item is new and unused with tags and I have my receipt. I was told they aren’t taking back any Halloween items. In the past years, I have returned seasonal items after the holiday has passed for either money back or a store credit depending on the 30 day time period. If it was after the 30 days, I always received a store credit. Do you know what the exact policy is for returning holiday items after the holiday. There is no printed policy that the store can produce for me to see. I think my local Marshall’s makes their own policies up.

    Hi Joy,

    I called my local store (in St. Louis) and they told me I could return anything within 30 days as long as I had the receipt. BUT then, I asked specifically about a Halloween item — and the answer changed. I am not sure if this is a new thing or not, but it seems Marshalls does have a different policy for seasonal items.


    Hi Joy,

    I just came back from trying to return an infant halloween costume that was unworn and with a receipt. I went to the nearest Marshall and they told me that they were not accepting it because it holds no value to them and cannot sell it back. I said that no one told me that when I bought the item and said that that was not right. Manager said all the cashier should mention it as customer buy it. I said no one said anything to me and ask if there was any exception because of that or store credit. There was nothing they could do. Manager then suggest I talk to the original Marshall I purchase it from in San Bruno, CA and I called before making the trip. I spoke with the manager in San Bruno and told her of the situation and I asked if there was any exception since no one made it aware to me that we cannot return costumes after the 31st. She proceeded to say there were signs at the register, four of them. I got off the phone and spoke to the manager at the marshalls I was currently at to tell her what was said in the phone. She then also added that yes they had signs too everywhere. I am pretty sure at the time I bought it there were no signs and cashiers did not mention about the returns for costume. And who’s to say when the signs were put out or when they started telling people before or after I bought the costume. This whole thing is not right and after I tried researching forba return policy for why I cannot return a costume. I have the recepit, unworn, and within 30 days.

    Can I return a dress that still has tags on but I do not have the receipt for?

    Typically, no. You can try, but Marshalls is a stickler for the receipts.

    When returning an item with receipt to Marshalls, do you count 30 days including date of purchase?

    I bought a shower rack a few days ago (Sunday, and today is Wednesday) I tried to set it up and it will not fit in my shower in any capacity.. I could not get it full back in the box and cant seem to find my receipt. Can I return it for store credit?

    You should be able to get store credit for it. They may give you a hard time about the packaging though. Give it a shot and let us know what happens!

    Can I return somethings purchase through a credit card, if i do not have the credit card anymore and get the cash?

    You may be able to if you purchased the item within the last 10 days. Otherwise, you’ll have to settle for an exchange.

    I bought a pair of wine glass yesterday and since they weren’t packaged, the girl wrapped them in the packing paper before putting them in my bag. Unfortunately, by the time I got home and unwrapped them, one glass had a couple pieces broken off the rim. Do you think it could be returned as they were never even used and broke probably due to not being wrapped well enough? I’d hate to lose money on something that I never even touched once it was in the bag.

    I would definitely go back to the store and ask to speak to the manager about it.

    You may be able to get store credit for it, as long as it doesn’t look worn. It probably depends on the staff at your store, and whether or not they notice or care that you’ve had the garment for a while.

    You might not be able to return even something purchased 2 weeks ago without receipt. Last night I was trying to return shirt purchased shortly before in Canoga park, Los Angeles store and forgot receipt at home. Read their print – due to ‘loss prevention’ they reserve the right to decline return, they claimed that shirt was not in their system and decline even store credit. I felt like a thief and never been more embarrassed in from of other people. I will be complaining to their customer service falks on Monday. Stay away from that store, manager clearly enjoyed power in her small pond, this is really more principal for me at this point then monetary compensation

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve had that happen to me before (not at Marshalls) and it’s awful. Let us know what customer service has to say about it.

    I bought a nail polish at Marshalls that I never used and tried returning within the 30-day refund time with receipt, only to be told no by the manager, then told reluctantly yes, that they’d allow it this once, but they wouldn’t return such products again.
    I bought a nail polish at TJ Maxx that I never used and returned within the 30-day refund time with receipt, without a hard time. There was never a suggestion of a no or hard time coming, only pleasantries.
    I bought a pair of jeans at Marshalls that I never wore, never washed/dried, in fact, I never removed the tags, and returned them within the 30-day refund time with receipt. Again I was met with a hard time, this time on the way out after the return. The cashier took them to the manager and put them up to her nose to smell them, and told him something. He asked “who?”, she turned and pointed and in a loud voice said “her!” I stopped, asked what the problem was. The manager said dismissively, “there’s no problem, nothing, you can go on your way”. To which I said “if there was no problem, then why was such a scene made by your cashier?” They wouldn’t answer, wouldn’t look at me, and turned away. The only thing I can think of is they’d been sitting in the car near a Bath & Body Works Car Scent vent clip.
    These two stores are owned by the same company, and there’s only one credit card and one gift card honored at both stores (in addition to Sierra Trading Company and Home Goods), so why are their policies not the same?
    There needs to be consistency!
    I really don’t want to shop at Marshalls again. And when I complained about these instances to a cashier at TJ Maxx, they knew exactly what store and manager I was talking about, and said they don’t even like either.

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