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How to Plump Lips Naturally

Ever found yourself staring at Angelina Jolie’s lips? Yeah, uh, me neither. Okay, that’s a lie. Angie has a great set of lips. There, I said it. They really are her trademark, and to be honest, it would be nice to get a fuller lip without surgical enhancements. Wondering if that was even possible, I set out to find a few natural ways to plump up lips, and I was really surprised at what I found.

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How to Plump Lips

1. Brush Your Lips

Brush Your Lips

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Brushing your lips may sound strange, but it’s incredibly easy way to enhance lips. While you are brushing your teeth, brush your lips as well. You don’t have to be rough with it; just a gentle exfoliation will do. This gets rid of any dead skin. When you’re done, seal them with a natural lip balm.

2. Sting with Cinnamon

Sting with Cinnamon

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Many women use a tiny amount of cinnamon or cinnamon oil their lips because it irritates the skin and can cause the lips to puff up (as if they had been mildly stung). Use caution with this one and consult a doctor before you try it.

3. Refresh Your Lipstick

Refresh Your Lipstick

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If your lips are cracked and dry, they can appear smaller and you can draw more attention to them trying to rewet them. So, it’s important to keep your lips moisturized with lipstick or even better, a limp plumper gloss. Here’s a trick I use – just re-apply your chosen lip product every time you use the restroom throughout the day.

4. Pay Attention to Shades

Pay Attention to Shades

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Think of makeup like magic. A little color alteration can go a long way in your appearance. For example, if you put on concealer a shade lighter around your lips and on your lips before applying lipstick, it can actually make them look fuller. Similarly, lighter shades of lipstick make lips look plumper whereas darker shades make them look smaller.

5. It’s All About Placement

It’s All About Placement

Credit: Michael Buckner/

Again, just a little alteration of your makeup application techniques can really change the way your lips look. If you just apply a tiny amount of lip gloss to the center of your lips (as opposed to all over), it draws attention to the middle of your mouth which is the typically the fullest part of your mouth, tricking the eye into thinking your lips are plumper than they really are.

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Tuesday 19th of May 2015

Have you used Plump-it! its amazing, its a volumising lip plumper that really works, i take it everywhere with me.


Tuesday 24th of June 2014

Just pump/suction your lips with a small container eg. camera film container, and over time they will permanently increase in size.

Cindy Laurie

Sunday 17th of November 2013

I love this article on natural lip plumping! just searched for natural lip plumbers and I saw that your post on google. Thanks for the Tidbit on cinnamon oil. I would like to use it for one of my posts eventually


Sunday 15th of September 2013

these tips suck


Sunday 29th of June 2014

Did you actually try the all because the toothpaste really work for me. Maybe you should just get lip injections no shame ! Gotta make it work somehow

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