15 Great Ways to Get Glowing Skin Now

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Let’s face it. We all want radiant, Charlize Theron complexions. Better yet, wouldn’t it be great to have that type of glowing skin . . . now? As in, immediately? You can.

Sure, we’ve heard a million times over about how drinking lots of water and minimizing stress (talk about a toughie!) can bolster skin’s luminosity. However, it takes some time before these kinds of skin-glowing benefits kick in and are actually visible. Here then, are steps you can take to give your face a fresh hue in a matter of minutes.

Read on and get your glow on!

Get Glowing Skin, Now!

1. Wear Skin-Complementing Colors
One great way to step into gorgeous skin is to slip into a color that flatters your natural hue. We recently wrote about how to choose the best colors for your skin tone; wearing the right shade can take you from sallow to stunning in a heartbeat. We love brights like purples and raspberries for dark skin, greens and shades of yellow for medium tones and soft blues or melon hues for pale complexions. An easy, immediate skin pick-me-up is just a simple blouse or dress change away!

2. Laugh
Take a pass on that horror flick, pronto. We love to laugh—who doesn’t? Whether we’re cracking up at Internet videos of people falling down a few steps (tsk, tsk, so wrong!) or in stitches over our favorite movie outtakes, laughing does wonders for skin. The muscles used during a good belly laugh boosts blood supply to its surface, instantly making your cheeks glow. So go ahead and indulge in a case of the giggles!

3. Get Frisky
Break out the Barry White and indulge in a little lovin’. They don’t talk about that afterglow without reason; truth is, research shows wrinkling up those sheets increases blood flow and releases endorphins (a.k.a “feel good” neurotransmitters), contributing to a radiant complexion. OK, enough science talk. Your mind should be on other things. Wink. Wink.

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