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How To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger Without Surgery

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First, let’s start by saying this: there is absolutely nothing wrong with a flat chest! From Audrey Hepburn to Keira Knightley, some of the most beautiful women of past and present have turned heads without busty curves and cleavage.

But in spite of the A-cup revolution, cleavage has its advantages. It helps some clothes look and fit better. And, a peek of cleavage can give you a boost of confidence for a night out or special occasion — or any occasion, really.

Of course, having a flat chest doesn’t mean you’re stuck in a life without curves and cleavage. You can employ a few tricks to make your boobs look bigger — without going under the knife. Here are four to try today.

How To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

1. Choose the right silhouette

A top that’s too revealing will give away your real size, no matter what else you do to accentuate your chest. So, don’t go for the deep-V neckline. At the same time, you don’t want a top that hugs too tight to your chest — as it’ll squish your assets into invisibility. You do want underwire, V-neck cuts that aren’t too deep, structured cups, and sweetheart necklines. See our sweetheart neckline picks below!

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2. Contour with bronzer

Don a push-up bra in order to set your boobs in the perfect position. Then, grab a soft powder brush plus a bronzer and a highlighter. Your bronzer should be slightly darker than your skin, and the highlighter should be lighter and shimmery.

cleavage 1

Starting where your bra strap meets the cup, sweep the dark bronzer along the highest points of one natural curve, then down the inner edge of your cleavage. Now brush the light bronzer down the middle of your cleavage. The shade will catch light and create depth in your crease, making cups look fuller. Sweep it across your collarbone too.

3. Twist and cinch

If you don’t want to spring for a pricey new push-up bra, try tweaking your current one. Twist the fabric between the cups of your bra before slipping into it — the extra twist pitches the cups toward each other, which will add support and enhance your cleavage.

cleavage 1

You could also slip a safety pin or flat ribbon around the straps in the back, pulling them close together like a racerback. Doing so pulls the cups together in front.

4. Posture, posture, posture

Slumping over is not flattering for your figure. Your new mantra is this: Shoulders back and chest out!

This is important for the long-term, too. Muscles in the front of the shoulders and chest become chronically shortened in people who slouch. If you work at a computer, you’re more likely to face this issue and the resulting saggy appearance in front.

Start paying attention to how you sit at the office. Several times a day, sit up straight and lift your chest. Imagine you are trying to hold a tennis ball between your shoulder blades. Hold this position for 5-10 deep breaths, or as long as possible. You’ll strengthen those muscles which ultimately makes your breasts look bigger.

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Magic Cleavage

Thursday 21st of August 2014

The most comprehensive solution is the Magic Cleavage Adjustable shapewear Cleavage Bra. The demonstration video on the website says it all. The bronzer trick definitely works well in conjunction to add the appearance of more volume.


Wednesday 24th of August 2011

theese totally work I was an 32A a year agao, & now I'm a 32C & appear 32D!

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