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The Pam Beesly Wedding Dress from David’s Bridal

It was Season 6 of The Office when Jim and Pam Beesly finally got hitched. The wedding was as cute as can be, a fitting ceremony for the couple we all rooted for.

But how about that dress?! Fun fact, the Pam Beesly wedding dress was a real-life piece from the racks of none other than David’s Bridal. And that makes Beesly a true Budget Fashionista. Let’s just say we’re proud to have her in our ranks.

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Pam Beesly gown details

Beesly wore a chiffon A-line wedding gown, style T9552 from David’s Bridal. Back in 2010, you could buy the piece at David’s Bridal stores nationwide for $399.

Today, that style number is nowhere to be found at the bridal chain’s website. But there are some similar options, if you’re dying for that Beesly vibe on your own big day.

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One option is the Scalloped V-Neck Corded Lace Bodice A-Line Dress by DB Studio, the signature budget collection by David’s Bridal. The dress is regularly priced at $149.95, which is amazing. Despite all the inflation we’ve had in recent years, you can still buy an affordable wedding dress!

Woman wears lookalike dress to the Pam Beesly wedding dress.
Source: David’s Bridal.

A second option is the Lace Bodice Spaghetti Strap A-line Wedding Dress, also by DB Studio. This one’s a bit pricier at $449.95, but it does feature pretty lace detailing on the bodice.

Model wears white wedding gown with spaghetti straps.
Source: David’s Bridal.

Pam Beesly bridesmaid dresses

Beesly’s bridesmaid dresses were also from David’s Bridal, style F12732 priced at $145 a piece. These were soft lavender gowns with halter tops, a gentle A-line shape, and a midi hemline.

This is a harder dress style to find today — at least among the selection at David’s Bridal. One option is DB Studio’s High Neck Bridesmaid Dress with Full Skirt. This is a floor-length piece, rather than a midi, but it does have the halter top and the banded waist.

Woman wears lavender bridesmaid dress.
Source: David’s Bridal.

All about the marketing

While it was character-appropriate that Beesly would wear a mainstream, budget-friendly dress, this was definitely a marketing move for David’s Bridal. I mean, one look at the official quote on the subject confirms it:

As an experienced and stylish businesswoman, Pam Beesly knows that choosing David’s Bridal, the nation’s most trusted bridal authority, will guarantee a beautiful wedding.

David’s Bridal representative

That reads a bit heavy on the pitch, right? Gosh, if a $400 gown could guarantee a beautiful wedding, they’d be routinely out of stock on those suckers. No one would wear anything else.

On the other hand, this was also an example of product placement done right. We wouldn’t expect to see Beesly walking down the aisle in a $4,000 Vera Wang, right? So David’s Bridal was the right pick, even if the marketing folks had to be super-serious with their official quote on the topic.


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