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Pam Beesly Wears David’s Bridal

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Fans of The Office, take note. You may still be searching to find your own “Jim,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t hurry up the process by picking up the same wedding gown that Pam Beesly wore on last night’s episode of The Office. Pam’s crinkle chiffon A-line wedding gown (style T9552) is currently selling for $399 at David’s Bridal stores nationwide, while the silver dresses her bridesmaids wore (style F12732) are selling for just $145 a piece.

What David’s Bridal Says:

“As an experienced and stylish businesswoman, Pam Beesly knows that choosing David’s Bridal, the nation’s most trusted bridal authority, will guarantee a beautiful wedding.”

What We Say:

Okay the above sentence read just a little too “markety” for our taste- but we still love Pam and think this is a great example of product placement done the right way. It would have been weird to see Pam heading down the aisle in a $4000 Vera Wang, but David’s Bridal is just right her alley.

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