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How to Reuse an Old Ice Cream Container

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One of the best things about recycling is you never have to say good bye.  Take ice cream, for instance.  Who wants to say good bye to ice cream?!?!  Instead of looking down into an empty carton streaked with brown and green sweetness, look forward to a sweet recycling opportunity.

Here’s How:

Clean the empty ice cream container, dry it, and prepare it for re-use.  Save the lids. One of the great things about re-using ice cream containers is that they are stackable.  The possibilities for play rooms and children’s rooms are endless, but here’s a good start:

  • Counter Storage. Line up empty containers on your kitchen counter (different flavors provide for a fun conversation piece!) and fill with different colorful fruits.  Tangerines, apples, persimmons, grapes. Hidden away in your cupboards, the more durable ice cream containers are great for storing flour, sugar, cornmeal and the like. Bonus: if you use ice cream containers to store your fruit long enough, your brain might start craving fruit rather than ice cream!  OK…we can’t prove it, but it sounds reasonable, right?
  • Store Small Toys. Use your kids favorite flavors to store all those small miscellaneous toys in their bedroom. Kids art supplies (miscellaneous crayons, paints, paint brushes, etc)
  • A Planter. Poke a few holes in the bottom of the container, fill it with soil and a houseplant.
  • Bathroom Container. Bathroom Brushes, hair ties, clips and more, this containers make a great bin to hold bathroom accessories.
  • Coin Holder. Spare change?  If you keep the lid you can even cut a slit in it to make it an ice cream bank. While you’re at it, make it a project for the kids.  Give them some construction paper, crayons, stickers and stamps so they can decorate their ice cream bank.

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