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Hat Trends Every Girl Should Try

Hats are like earrings. They’re made to compliment your look. This season we’ve seen more and more women of color really utilizing hats as an accessory to amp up their look. Case in point, celebrity stylist June Ambrose. Although June is most known for rocking turbans, this past year June has rocked a mean wide brim hat. If you look at any fashion week 2012 photos, you’ll see Miss Ambrose with an oversized hat in a bold color looking fierce (in my Tyra Banks voice).

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Even the younger generation is embracing hats in a more dashing and sophisticated way.

Must-Try Hat Trends


Yes, its easy to throw on a hat when you’re having a bad hair day, but have you really searched for a hat that was dapper and built an outfit around it? We think it’s time you tried. We’ve found 5 hat trends that we think every girl should try and really make an effort to have it compliment your look.

Must-Try Hat Trends

Check out our picks:

The Fedora

Eugenia Kim

Eugenia Kim, $52 from Bloomingdales

The fedora is as classic as a white button up. Instead of just going for a plain straw version, try a fedora with a funky printed scarf around it. This hat would look awesome with a white suit.

The Wide Brim

Wide Brim Straw Fedora

Wide Brim Straw Fedora, $12.80 from Forever 21

Wide brim hats are classy and feminine with a masculine touch. Try one with a pair of trousers and a body skimming blouse.

The Floppy

August Hat

August Hat, $21.99 from Macy’s

When we think floppy hats, we think beach glam. The floppy hat would be a great accessory to a sexy bathing suit or rocked with a printed sarong.

The Pill Box

Red Polka Dot Pill Box Hat

Red Polka Dot Pill Box Hat, $11.60 from ASOS

We can credit Jackie Kennedy Onassis for putting the pill box hat on the map. It’s dainty and ladylike. Try to put a modern spin on it by wearing it with a pencil skirt and tank tucked in.

The Fascinator

Primrose Garden Fascinator

Primrose Garden Fascinator, $24.99 from ModCloth

The brits aren’t the only ones who know how to rock a fascinator. Bring out your inner church lady and try a fascinator hat. We promise it won’t have you looking like you’re part of the deaconess board.

Which hat trend will you be trying?


Thursday 9th of March 2017

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