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If you snagged your swimsuit already and have been faithfully checking for the sun ever since, please accept our congratulations on your admirable dedication to seasonal shopping. If you’re like us, you only just realized that March is over and it’s time to stash the wool sweaters. On top of that, it’s April, which is Earth Month and we think it’s a fabulous idea to not only snag some suits, but also do it in a green, eco-friendly way. Now, we’ll warn you–this is not our most budget friendly post ever.

Items that are really earth friendly are often-times more expensive, but if you’re willing to splurge a little bit, you’ll feel great about your contribution to sustainable living as well as look great too.

Here are our green swimsuit picks:

1. Little String Bikini, $66, BTC Elements

This suit is made with 100% Organic Cotton Pointelle with 100% Bamboo lining. It’s also made in New York City, which means (if you live here) your supporting the local economy and if you live elsewhere in the U.S., you’re still not aiding in all the lost energy coming from shipping clothes overseas.

2. Tropi-ties environmentally Bikini, $110, Tropi-Ties

Fashioned from the veritable trifecta of eco-friendly fabric – hemp, cotton, and bamboo – this suit is one big renewable resource. (The cotton doesn’t appear to be organic, so it might be a judgment call over which is better – cotton or the more usual swimsuit polyester.) Either way, we really like the bamboo ring detail.

3. Moss/Black Reversible Wrap Bikini, $80, Meadow (via Etsy)

All of Meadow’s products are entirely ethically produced and her bikinis as well as the rest of her collection is made with sustainable materials like bamboo, hemp, soy and organic cotton. What we love about this suit, besides the obvious eco-factor, is it’s reversibility. This is like getting double your money and because the suit isn’t super cheap, think of it like two suits in one.

4. Water Suit, $80,

This gorgeous 2-piece suit is made from soy, organic cotton and 5% spandex in the United States. The light blue and black is adorable and the traditional string bikini style is perfect for the really hot beach and the virtually non-existent tan lines.

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