No Panty Lines: 5 Tips for No Panty Lines

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Do you have a problem with visible panty lines? Not into wearing thongs? Well here are some tips on how to live a life of no panty lines.

5 Tips for No Panty Lines


1. Wear Undies that FIT

This seems like common sense, but you would be amazed to find out how many of us are wearing the wrong type of underwear.  One of the major causes of pantylines is wearing underwear that is too tight. Those too tight panties create a bulge where the edge of the panty ends and the flesh of your backside begins.

2. Limit Cotton Underwear

This is a toughie because cotton underwear is better for you health wise. But most cotton underwear have thick seams, which cause panty lines.

3. Look for NVP Underwear

Almost every manufacturer has a version of the NVP (no visible pantyline) undergarment. Some brands to try are Bali, Jockey, Wacoal, and even Target brands. Make sure to look for underwear that has what is called laser edges, which are very thin edges that leave no line.

4. Change Your Style of Underwear

Try a different style of underwear that is a better fit for your body. For example, if you have a boyish figure, try a boy cut panty or if you’re a bit more the on fuller size, try a full coverage panty.

5. Wear Power Panties

You can also try wearing a pair of spanx power panties. They don’t leave lines and tuck you in a bit. The downside is that they can be uncomfortable.

There is one more tip for eliminating panty lines, but this may not be an option for most (and it’s definitely not an option if you’re wearing a skirt.) Skip the panties completely. No panties means no panty lines after all.

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  • SJ

    Thought I would Commando Boy Shorts but had a problem with the leg rolling a big and the pantie itself riding down…pretty scary if one was wearing a skirt. My search continues.

  • jesims

    Soma sells a line of cotton/modal Vanishing Line panties. I’ve tried the Vanishing Line brand and it’s comfortable. Maybe not very sexy but there aren’t any VPL.

  • e

    cotten undies with no vpl- i like the hipster cut from aerie by american eagle. they are well priced, comfy, and NO VPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anne

    I like Target’s version of Spanx called “Assets.” The leg edge is a fold, rather than rubber-backed stretch lace which ALWAYS shows through pant legs as an ugly ridge at mid-thigh, even if the packaging says it won’t!  The Assets don’t show through anything!  I find them quite comfortable.

    Sorry, anny, I don’t think there is any cotton underwear out there that doesn’t give a VPL.  At least, I haven’t found any yet!

  • anny

    Does anyone know of a brand that makes cotton underwear that does not give you a VPL?

  • Veggrrl

    I’ve had success with Jockey seam-free bikinis. Even in dress pants, they don’t show through. They’re comfy, too.

  • c

    Okay, I have to admit, my solution to getting rid of panty lines is sometimes to just.. not wear underwear.

  • cathy

    b, i like hanes, too. i like the hipster briefs. they are cheap, they don’t show VPL and they don’t ride up or show when you bend down in lower rise pants.

  • Oh dear… spanx products in to review and to try out some time ago, I love the concept and they did the trick, although I must admit I am not very much into thongs as well, but I like t-backs which give more coverage, in all honesty unless your pants, or skirts are tighter than ever…the line will not really show, my I am a big fan of Jockey, still am, and perhaps a fashion editor should not admit this but I love my boy shorts on an every day work day,or plain and simple Jockey`s…..

  • b

    Makes a nice invisible panty. Very Light. Not really that sexy, but effective. They have a few different styles. I am partial to the boy shorts.

  • Cheryl

    I use to say I would never wear thongs but tried them (only in the summer) and love them with my thin cotton pants….I also just tried the SPANX footless bodyshaping pantyhose and love them (by the way got them for $11.99 of their original price of $20 at The Spanx were comfortable, showed no lines..

  • I have tried a TON of seamless panties, and I found the boy-short styles work the best for me. I’ve also found that a homemade version of spanks, aka cutting the legs off of control top hose or tights, works great, too. You must cut no higher than just above the knee for it to work, as mid-thigh will roll/ride up pretty badly. I’ve done this with tights, and they washed in the machine without fraying just fine, too.

  • Florence

    There is another manufaturer that makes a good no VPL panty: Commando. It doesn’t tuck you in like the Spanx and would be more comfortable. Kind of pricey but it does the trick. Unfortunately it does not have a cotton gusset which I wish they would put in instead of the same panty material. Easy solution is a disposable ultrathin panty liner.

  • Another way is to buy underwear that fit.  Panties that are too tight will always show the line—buy the bigger (true, *gulp*) size, and you’ll have much less of a problem with this. 

    Of course, that would be if your pants fit, too.  😉

    I’ve also found that line-drying pants helps reduce shrinkage a lot.  Jeans take 3 days, but they fit like you want them to, with no bendy-stretchy-acrobatics.  Even ones that have shrunk a bit can rebound if washed in cold and line-dried.

  • declanium

    i like the Barely There line……