How to Rock Fab Fake Glasses

What do Tina Fey, Katy Perry and Diane Keaton have in common?  They’re not just famous ladies, but famous ladies known for their stand-out eyeglasses.  From cat eye peepers to tortoise shell frames, these celebs bust the “men don’t make passes at women who wear glasses” myth big time.  Whether they’re chic, “nerdy” or just plain ‘ole quirky, we’re loving the looks of these bespectacled beauties.

So, to channel our inner Cat-Eye Perry or Liz Lemon, we scoped out some non-prescription lovelies (a.k.a.  readers, fake eyeglasses, clear lensed glasses, lens-free frames) that look darn close to the real thing.  Since we’ve always got our eyes peeled for a great deal, the fake eyeglasses we found were way more affordable than say, Jen Aniston‘s (an assumption, but um, Forbes once named her one of the top 10 richest women in entertainment.  Just sayin’).

Another bonus?  Fake glasses are perfect for changing up our look when we’re 1) in a hurry and 2) non-committal.   Who needs a new hair cut or makeup overhaul when a fake rimless number can turn heads in, well, the blink of an eye?  Get ready to make a statement with these fun finds.

Get the Celebrity Look with Fake Glasses!

 What fake “celeb” glasses are you eyeing?



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