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How to Rock Fab Fake Glasses

Tina Fey wearing glasses

What do Tina Fey, Jennifer Aniston and Diane Keaton have in common?  They’re not just famous ladies, but famous ladies known for their stand-out eyeglasses. These celebs bust the “men don’t make passes at women who wear glasses” myth, big time. Whether they’re chic, “nerdy” or just plain ‘ole quirky, we’re loving the looks of these bespectacled beauties.

That’s why we scoped out affordable, non-prescription glasses. They won’t correct your vision or protect your eyes from the sun, but hey, nothing like a pair of glasses to shake up your whole look, right? It’s an easy accessory that requires no commitment, unlike a haircut or a whole new beauty routine.

Get ready to make a statement with these fun finds.

Fake Glasses to Copy Celeb Style

Lisa Kudrow: Aviators

OK, so our pick doesn’t say Ray Ban on it — but these rose-gold, aviator-style frames are only $7!

Rashida Jones: The Blues Brothers

Try these peepers on your oval-shaped face to dupe Rashida Jones’ quirky style. Our pick is actually a dark blue frame with a transparent-red accent.

Debra Messing: The Updated Rectangle

An angular frame is a perfect choice if your face shape is round like Debra Messing’s — it’ll balance out your natural fullness. Debra shows us that you don’t have to go with a super-angular shape either, if those styles feel too masculine.

Tina Fey: The Cat-eye

Tina Fey normally rocks a more book-ish style, but she occasionally steps out in something more flashy. Try these cat-eyes on for size, and don’t forget the mascara on those lower lashes!

Anne Hathaway: Outsized

Anne Hathaway has been loyal to the oversized frame for years, be it a prescription pair or chic sunnies. Sure they’re huge, but they’re adorably sassy. Give them a try!

Diane Keaton: Understated Rimless

Here, Diane Keaton — often seen in wayfarers — takes the concept of understated as far as it can go with these tiny, rimless eyeglasses.

Jen Aniston: The Wayfarer

The toned arms, shiny hair, rockin’ bod and these sexy glasses. Jen’s always in style.

And that’s how you rock a pair of fake glasses!

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