Four Great Sites to Swap Your Clothing Online

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Aided by an ailing economy and a not-feeling-so-well-either environment, clothes swapping has become the rage of fashionistas everywhere. . Now the Budget Ecoist brings you a review the latest and greatest in current clothing swap websites and gives you feedback on how these swaps are shaping up.

Four Great Clothing Swap Sites

1. Dig N Swap. – All swap, no sell, Dig N Swap is a well-thought-out website that provides an easy, prominent search on the front page, allowing for a quick looksee. One page down you can find a ‘cloud’ of categories: search by type of clothing/accessory, brand, or size. Both the quantity and quality of clothes are good, though the amount of clothes available in high-end fashion brands, such as BCBGMAXAZRIA and Jimmy Choo, are more limited. The website is “free during beta phase,” (no word on how much it will cost and when beta phase will end) but they do charge a 99 cent assessment to your account for each swap. Users manage their own shipping and arrange details with their fellow swappers. Of all the sites reviewed, Dig N Swap was the easiest, most logical layout.

2. – The oldest and most well-known of clothing swap sites, used to charge a membership fee. That fee has now been eliminated (yeah!) but there is an optional $10 service fee to become address verified, which allows other users to feel more confident and secure in their transactions with you. Of all swap sites, has the largest quantity and the best quality of clothing and accessories.

If you’re looking for the high-end, good stuff, this is where you want to go. But be sure you have similar items to swap. allows only for online interactions, but it allows users to both swap and sell. So if you have a desire to acquire your first Kate Spade bag on the cheap, but you can’t interest the seller in a swap, you can always purchase it for an agreed upon price. The web site is easy to use and registration takes only moments. When users have a good interaction they give each other tokens, allowing others to be more confident in swapping with that members of the community. Bad users get negative points. And if someone rips you off, SwapStyle can take care of them as well (not in a horse head in the bed kind of way, but you know, they’ll get their access to the site taken away and you’ll be compensated).

3. Clothing Swap Meetups – If you’d prefer to swap live and in person, try Meetups. This ultra-easy website will allow you to search by your city or zip code for local clothing swap get togethers. Bonus: you’ll make new friends while you’re at it! The site is free to use and will allow you to arrange for a swap between your personal group (friends, church, school, whomever!) as well. is another good in-person swap choice. They’ve been around for 15 years and their events can combine cocktails and mini spa experiences, but they’re more common in cities such as San Francisco. At the end of their events, all unclaimed items are donated to local non-profit shelters and charities to help those in need.

4. Rehashed Clothes – One of the great features of Rehash Clothes is the ability to join groups. Form communities of like-minded individuals with similar styles and interests. You can have groups for locals in your area and set up live swapping events, or groups of people who wear your same size.

Similar to Zwaggle, you can upload your items and designate whether they will be swapped with a group or with the large community. Create a list of what you’re in search of and let the system notify you when it becomes available. Rehashed Clothes is also a very intuitive website, allowing users to drag and drop items they are willing to trade. Similar to SwapStyle and Dig N Swap, shipping arrangements are agreed to between the two users.

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  • The new iPhone app, SWAP, is a great new, fun and easy way to swap fashion and beauty items. There’s a link to download at

    • Catherine Brock

      Thanks for the tip!

  • Great Information!! thanks for sharing. I have found another similar stuff here check us

  • David Henry Peter Huber

    Nice! So many clothes out there! kind of silly to continue manufacturing so many. Do any of these websites list primarily on sizing and location?? I feel like matching people with very similar measurements that live within a certain proximity is the goldmine for this practice

  • Actually I have no idea on cloth swapping. Now I know it after visit your site. It was a nice information, thanks for sharing. And also thanks for given swap websites. Those websites are helpful for us.

  • For high-end and vintage, look to refashioner —


  • Not sure if you’re only including sites where you can swap on-line, but if you fancy some swapping action in London UK, try one of our Mrs Bear’s Swap Shop events. Our events page lists all upcoming events;

  • What about to add to your list??? Free to join, list and swish item for item.
    It has a unique mirror match feature that allows its members to find others with the same body dimensions as themselves – for more effective swishing – because as we all know not all size 10’s are created equal