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three looks by kate middleton

Mom Style As Told by Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is redefining “mom” style. Although she is now a mother of three beautiful children, she never traded in her billowy, bright dresses and eccentric hats for baggy mom jeans...
Kate Middleton wearing pink fascinator

How to Style a Fascinator Hat (& Where to Get One)

Deep down, every one of us kind of wants to be Kate Middleton. But not because she gets to be a princess, and not because she’s married to a prince. Or duke. Whatever. Truth...
Collage of eight photos of Kate Middleton wearing fascinator hats

Kate Middleton’s Fascinator Hats — 8 Looks to Love

Kate Middleton has been rocking the fantastic fascinator hats for years — long before the royal wedding put her hat style in the spotlight in 2011. And although she’s now super-mom to Pippa, James...
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