The 20 Best Fashion Tips of All Time

Since fashion has become an aspect of life important to everyone and not just rich folks, an influx of DO and DO NOT advice has steadily been dispensed. We thought we’d take a look at the history of fashion and see what stood out as the 20 best fashion tips of all time, and this is what we culled!

TBF Presents Our 20 All-Time Best Fashion Tips!

1. Of Socks and Sandals

Of Socks and SandalsDo not wear socks and sandals. (This cannot be emphasized enough for men.)

2. Your Tailor is your BFF.

SeamstressWhatever you are wearing, make sure it fits you beautifully. If it doesn’t, have it altered.

3. It’s in the Jeans, Baby!

It's in the Jeans, BabyTake the time and money and find jeans that you adore. They are a staple, make you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time, and can be dressed up or down.

4. Power of Multiples

Power of MultiplesIf you love a piece of clothing and it loves you back- buy in multiple.

5. Rule of Thumb: Comfort Before Cute (Or You’re a Fashion Meltdown Waiting to Happen)

Comfort Before CuteGilda Radner famously said she based her fashion sense on what doesn’t itch. Smart lady. If your clothing makes you feel miserably uncomfortable, no matter how stylish or cute it is, you won’t wear it.

6. Jazz It Up!

Jazz It UpPick accent pieces that stand out. You’ll love them, they’ll add flair and personality to the blandest outfit.

7. Your New Shopping Mantra

SaleIt is only a bargain if you will actually ever wear it. Otherwise, move on.

8. What is Essential is Often Underneath

What is Essential is Often UnderneathGet fitted for your bra. The support helps your breasts stay in shape by keeping them from sagging, and the confidence you’ll have underneath tee shirts, tanks and dresses is worth it.

9. Practice Yin-Yang when Pairing Outfits

Practice Yin-YangPair loose clothing with tighter fitting clothing. Balance keeps you from looking like a sausage or shlumpy.

10. When in Doubt, Dress Up

When in Doubt, Dress UpEnough said.

11. Invest in Classics

Invest in ClassicsA blazer, pencil skirt, little black dress.

12. Don’t be a Slave to Fashion Fads

Don't be a Slave to Fashion FadsStay aware of trends, but forget them entirely if they don’t look good on you.

13. Know your measurements!

Know Your Measurements

Save money by shopping for well-fitting outfits the first time (plus you don’t have to deal with those pesky return policies that magically vary from store to store).

14. Don’t Let Your Love for Lassie Show in Your Shirt Sleeves, Please.

Don't Let Your Love for Lassie ShowRemove lint and hair from your clothing. The best outfit you own will look drab with dog hair all over.

15. Let’s Talk About Denim on Denim

Let's Talk About Denim on DenimYes, we know that some say there is a ‘right way’ to wear denim on denim. No. No there’s not. Just don’t do it.

16. Organize Your Closet! 

Organize ClosetIf you don’t know what you have, it’s not doing you any good. Neither is that cute but totally wrinkled and crumpled shirt at the bottom of your drawer you’ve been looking for for weeks.

17. Show skin strategically.

Show Skin StrategicallyIf your legs are bare and up to there, cover the cleavage.

18. Dress your age. 

Helen MirrenThis isn’t as prohibitive as some make it out to be, but no matter how great your figure at 70, a sleeveless mini is odd.

19. Buy classics with a twist. 

Buy classics with a twistLike this scarf in animal print, for instance.

20. Don’t listen to your mother. 

Don't listen to your motherOr your aunt, or your Grandma, or your dad. They mean well, but you need to get their voices our of your head and find your own sense of style.


Maggie is a writer in San Diego, California. She has been obsessed with fashion while simultaneously too broke to afford it since teenage years, and writing about budget making beauty is the perfect match.