Get this, lacqueristas: according to a New York Times story published in April of this year, department store nail polish sales increased by a whopping 67 percent in 2011. That translates to $710 million dollars worth of nail polish that was purchased in a single 12-month span. Impressive, right?

I’ve heartily jumped onto the nail polish bandwagon, myself. After all, it’s hard to resist all those punchy colors, magnificent glitters and impressive effects. Magnetics and crackles and holographics, oh my! (While I won’t confess just how many nail polishes I’ve hoarded away, I will tell you it’s difficult to wander into any room of my house without spotting a few.)

Check out the 12 nail polishes below that are on-trend for the upcoming fall 2012 season.

Nail Polish Trends for Fall 2012

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Argonaut Holographic Nail Polish

Argonaut Holographic Nail Polish, $5 from Enkelini
I'm a big fan of independent nail polish brands because they offer colors you just don't find elsewhere. Etsy seller Enkelini's holographic blue nail polish, dubbed "Argonaut," stays true to the “dark and stormy” trend prevalent on the fall 2012 runway. The holographic effect only adds to its awesomeness.