Midwestern Charm: 10 Great Midwest Style Blogs

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There’s great fashion on the East and West Coasts, but what about those of us who live in the middle? You may not have grown up in skyscrapers or on surfboards, but you certainly have your own fashion philosophy.

Here are ten great Midwest style blogs that will inspire you to spruce up no matter where you live.

Inspiring Midwest Style Blogs

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Do you have a Midwest style blog?

Do you know of other stylish Midwest blogs that we missed?

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  • Samantha Olson
  • Haberdasher Limited

    All though it may not be the hub of the fashion industry, the Mid West has style and to count it out would be taking away from fashion in general. Every area has fashion to contribute. Discrediting it would be a disservice to the fashion industry.

  • Actually, yes!! The issue is that midwest is bit more conservative in terms of dressing a style. So the women you think are in their 20s, actually many of them are in their 30s (and some in their 40s). Before you jump down my throat for saying this, note that I am FROM Minnesota and spend quite a bit of time back home. The fashion is very conservative and a few years behind. That being said there’s a ton of stylish women I know who are well pass the age of 30 (or even 50) for that matter, who happen to live in the midwest.

    Style is state of mind, regardless of your age

  • Judith Hall

    I think it’s great that there are a growing number of Midwest fashion blogs.  I once read that by the time the Midwest catches up with East or West coast style, the looks are out of style.  As a Midwesterner, I thought that was a shot to the intelligence and awareness ot the Midwest women.
    As I looked through these blogs, I did find an overall LACK of blogs written by any women other than fashion students, college student or young 20’s.  There are women older than that in the Midwest, any body want to take that blog on?

    • KP

      I agree. Is anyone over 30, or dare we say over 35 blogging on fashion?