Too Cold to Be Cute: 11 Fall-To-Winter Coats Under $100

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The Lowdown:If we asked you to name the most exciting item in your closet, it’s highly unlikely that your winter coat would be at the top of the list (or even in the top five). BUT, if we asked you to name the most useful … well, you get the idea. Spending your hard earned cash on something that’s actually practical is easy to justify, but we’d suggest that it’s not unreasonable that you might want a coat this fall/winter that’s both practical and stylish. And, of course, affordable — which is where comes in. Our top 10 outerwear picks from for under a hundred bucks (and if you want to get the free shipping, or the other discounts above, combine your order with friends to meet the minimum).


Our Picks:

Fall-To-Winter Coats

1. Grane Women’s Double-Breasted Military Coat, $51.99
2. Nine West Red Hooded Wool Coat, $69.99

Fall-To-Winter Coats

3. Jessica Simpson Women’s Puff Sleeved Coat, $69.99
4. Jessica Simpson Women’s Stand-Up Collar Coat, $82.99

Fall-To-Winter Coats

5. Last Kiss Women’s Tab and Button Cuff Double Breasted Coat, $38.99
6. Grane Women’s Hooded Faux Fur Trim Bomber Jacket, $38.99

Fall-To-Winter Coats

7. Appraisal Women’s Plaid Belted Coat, $46.99
8. Miss Sixty Women’s Double-Breasted Peacoat, $99.99

Fall-To-Winter Coats

9.Miss Sixty Women’s Blue Ombre Plaid Fold-Over Coat, $99.99
10.KC Collections Women’s Houndstooth Wool Coat, $95.99
11. House of Dereon’s Women’s Button-Front Black/White Houndstooth Jacket, $61.99

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