The Real Beauty Benefits of Sleep

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When your mother told you to go get your beauty sleep, she wasn’t joking. We all know that sleep is important for our health. That much is true, especially if you know how you look and feel after pulling an all nighter. But did you realize how much sleep actually affects and improves the way you look? Yep, all those expensive creams and makeup have nothing on the pure healing powers of sleep. Just look at what the experts have to say below.

The Beauty Benefits of Sleep

Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight


It’s so hard to stick to a diet and exercise regime if we’re trying to lose weight. Fashionistas are busy women (can I hear an amen?), and it can be difficult to schedule time at the gym with our ever growing to do lists. However, according to Dr. Rapaport, director of the NYU Sleep Disorders Program, lack of sleep can actually mean an increased appetite. So, ladies, put those cucumber slices on your eyes and go to bed early. It could make the difference in your appetite the next day.

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