The Deal: 5 Denim Jeans from Torrid

The Lowdown: Once upon a time (okay, maybe it’s more like just a couple of decades ago), size 12-plus women who wanted to wear jeans could only choose between getting a pair specially tailored or heading off to the men’s section of the store–both painfully unappealing options. Thankfully, shopping times today are much easier. Stores like Torrid don’t just sell plus-size jeans–they go beyond boring dark bootcuts and offer trendier styles that remain flattering to every full-figured woman. We’re talking subtle patterns, modern cuts and more color availability. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite choices from Torrid’s denim sale…all affordable at $50 or less.

Shop: 5 Denim Jeans from Torrid

Our Picks:

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The Luxe Black Skinny Jean

The Luxe Black Skinny Jean, $39.99