Yea or Nay: Lauren Moffatt Coat, $400.40 on sale at

I’m a big fan of Lauren Moffat. Her urban chic designs that update classics like the military style coat touches my urban-trekker-conservative-socialite core. Even though I love her pieces, her prices tend to be outside my budget (and the budgets of most shoppers like myself).  But….. a winter coat is the one thing (along with a great handbag or a pair of good boots) that I might consider spending a little more money on. In fact, if you’ve always wanted a designer piece, but balk at the prices like me, purchasing a basic winter coat from the designer is a great way to add a designer piece to your wardrobe.

Because a good winter coat will last you several seasons and if you focus on a classic cut you’ll get your cost per wear for the item. Furthermore,  even a basic, non-brand winter coat from Macys now costs $300 and coats at Old Navy are approaching the $100 mark.

Is it Worth it?
So let’s do a cost per wear analysis to figure out if the Lauren Moffatt coat is really worth the price. Remember our goal is to always shoot for less than $3.00 ($2.00 if you can) per wear.

Retail Price: $400.40 on sale
Estimated # times you’ll wear it this winter= 80 days (from Dec 1 until March 15th assuming that we have a somewhat normal winter)
Total Cost per wear=  around $5.00 per wear. So the only way you could even consider purchasing it for a cost per wear of below $3.00, is if you plan on wearing it for at least two seasons or live in a very cold climate (hello Minnesota!). Lauren Moffat is an excellent designer and the coat is lined, so wearing it for at least two seasons won’t be a problem if you remove the epaluets (the military-style straps that are buttoned on the shoulders of jackets and coats).

Lauren Moffatt Coat: Yea or Nay?

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  1. HSK says

    This is a great looking coat. One question is what is it made of? Is it wool? Probably. If you think you will wear it AT LEAST two years then it is a worthy purchase like you said….Now I hope this doesn’t sound completely ridiculous but in your area do they have a Value City?
    I purchased a beautiful designer wool, chocolate brown, full length dress coat a few months ago with military styling, double breasted, etc. for $60.00…Needless to say this is one of my favorite places to shop now!

  2. Anne says

    It’s a good-looking, classic, classy coat.  If you’ll wear it for at least two seasons, you should buy it.  You can always change the buttons for next season, and switch up your gloves, hats & scarves.  I say go for it!

  3. says

    Yay! I think it’s a really cute coat that appears to be very versatile. I agree that more expensive purchases are best kept for coats, purses and shoes… since you wear them alot and there the first things people notice!

  4. says

    Yes, you *could* cut off the epaulettes but then it’s just a plain coat! Detailing such as this makes the piece unique and worth the hefty price tag.

  5. JR says

    They sometimes have really cute coats for under $75 at Beacon’s Closet as well.  (either in Park Slope or Hipstersburg)

  6. Teri says

    wow, I like the concept of $$ per wear. I’d never have thought of that, but I guess that’s why you’re the fashionista and I’m not! HA!

  7. Joslyn says

    OR, you could buy a more budget friendly coat now and catch this coat on sale at the end of season sale.  Even if it’s just $50-$75 off, if you like it that much, it’s worth it.  And then, at the end of the season, you may look at it and decide it wasn’t so hot to you after all.

  8. celia says

    Nay…The color is a bit drab and I don’t know if one would feel as excited about it the next season.  But then again, I’m personally into very traditional looking coats, like a dark, classic peacoat or a shapely long simple coat. I tend to like the ones at J.Crew, which are a bit cheaper than $400 and have lasted me years.

  9. Elina says

    Cool, the dollars per wear is my favorite way of measuring fashion. Don’t love the shoulder detail on the coat though, looks contrived, so nay for me.

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