Fashion Advice: Jackets for Those of Us with Big Upper Arms

Dear Budget Fashionista: I have a question regarding shopping for jackets. I always have a hard time finding blazers/jackets that fit because my upper arms are disproportionately larger than the rest of my body.  Any suggestions on what type of jackets I should buy?

Answer: Look for jackets with a Dolman Sleeve or Kimono sleeve. These sleeves tend to be fuller than the sleeve on your standard jacket/blazer (think flared gaucho pants, but on your arms, not legs).  Also look for jackets with a bit of stretch (no more than 5% spandex/lycra content), which will give a little more in the sleeve. If all else fails, try a jacket in a bigger size and get it tailored to fit your torso.

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  1. says

    i find sleeves like those only make big arms look even bigger, unless it’s say, a silk kimono blouse that’s light and airy and drapes nicely. i like your suggestion about buying a bigger size and tailoring the torso to fit.

  2. TBF says

    budget babe.. it really depends on your personal preference.. i think buying a bigger size and tailoring it to be the better option, but some people do not like th idea of buying a bigger size…

    The larger sleeves can work out great, especially if you define your waist with a belt (i wish they would have put a belt on the model in the picture above..)

  3. Raya says

    I agree, wide arms on jacket, sometimes wide legs on pants only make you look bigger.  I just wish there was clothes for normal women out there…I have the hardest time….if they are plus size the armholes are huge, i’m bigger but I’m not so big that I need huge arm holes…

  4. says

    For me, the wide sleeves make me look wide all over due to a large bust. I think this is also due to the fact that these garments tend to be cut widely in the bodice. I really like your suggestion about getting them tailored, as well as the belt suggestion. You are right – if they had added a belt to the picture above it would have made a huge difference!

  5. teresa says

    i too have bit upper arms. i am also big everywhere else but its funny that my old coats still fit my arms and i can still get them on yet i cant get the new ones on

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