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The $10,000 Coach Legacy Alligator Bag: Coach Has Lost It’s #$% Mind

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You never forget your first….

For my 16th birthday, I received my first designer handbag, a black Coach Saddle bag. Back in the day (early 90s), Coach was like THE handbag to have, right up there with Liz Claiborne and Esprit. I loved that bag more than life itself and for a while, I was officially the coolest kid at Washburn Senior High.

Coach continues to occupy a special place in my heart, but they have lost their #$% minds with the release of the $10,000 Coach Legacy Alligator Bag. When I first read about this bag, on the lovely blog bagsnob, I seriously thought it was a joke. In my humble opinion, $10,000 for any bag is wacko, but who, in their right mind, would pay $10,000 for a Coach handbag? Especially one that resembles a a bag I recently saw at Lord & Taylor for less than $100 by budget bag designer, Kathy Van Zeeland.

Could you imagine paying that much for a Coach bag and then seeing the same bag at TJ Maxx, where all Coach bags go to die, for like $200 bucks?


Monday 23rd of July 2007

I saw two pretty similar styles - one matte faux croc, one glossy - at TJ Maxx over the weekend. If memory serves, they were both around $30 and by Liz Claiborne! I’m no sure either was leather, but if a full table full of a cheap version already made it to TJ Maxx, who in their right mind would pay $10k?!


Tuesday 24th of July 2007

look people if someone wants to pay 10,000 for a handbag then that is great but i promise you that the hermes bag and the louis vuitton compaired to a coach the coach bag will last alot longer than the bags that fall apart with in a year and don’t think that just because that gucci prada and louis vuitton are expensive don’t think that means they are quality coach is a wonderful brand and they have many celeberties carry there handbags even vogue said that coach is right next to if not the leader in handbags fashion. so all you negitive people are just jealious that you can’t afford one.


Monday 23rd of July 2007

nancy, I agree with you. the kelly is larger tho…


Monday 23rd of July 2007

If someone buys this bag at full price—and of course some people will—it’s not Coach whose sanity is in question.


Saturday 21st of July 2007

It is one thing to enjoy owning pieces of quality, but it’s quite another to spend that amount of money on a silly handbag in the name of status and consumerism. I suppose you could justify buying a famous Kelly bag and using it as an heirloom later, but still, don’t the people that buy this give a thought to the other half of the world who are living without clean water, education, or adequate food?!?!

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