15 Great Ways to Get Glowing Skin Now

4. Get Some Rays
Key word: some. We’re not advocating getting all George Hamilton or Snooki
sun-soaked by any stretch. Just 15 minutes outdoors while walking the dog, gardening or taking a break at work is all you need to give your cheeks a subtle, sunkissed glow.

5. Lace Up
Slip into your sneaks and get moving! No need to work yourself into a Jillian Michaels frenzy though; a brief walk around the neighborhood is enough to give skin that slightly flushed radiance without looking like you’re fresh out of boot camp. Walking, like most physical activities (ahem, see #3), improves your body’s circulation, which helps deliver nutrients to your skin’s surface. What are you waiting for? You go, girl!

6. Embrace your Inner Child
Crunched for time? If you aren’t able to take a 10-minute walk, let loose for 30 seconds. That’s right. Shut the door if you have to, and then unleash your (silly/wild/crazy/fill-in-the-blank) side. Move, shake, twirl, touch your toes, jog in place—whatever it takes—to give your skin a quick boost. No one has to know you were getting all Footloose on yourself seconds earlier. Besides, they’ll be too wowed by your brighter glow to even ask.

7. Put the Cig Down
If you must, you must (*sigh*). But each drag drags your skin down too; with every puff, your blood pressure instantly spikes, often causing your cheeks to turn traffic signal red immediately. Hold off on lighting up (if you must at all) and hold on to the smokin’ hot look your skin’s got going for you at this moment.

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